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Emergency Dentist Aurora CO


It’s never good to have a dental emergency. It’s especially not good when you have one in the middle of the night or on the weekend. With most dentist closing their doors at 5 and during the weekend, most people think that they are stuck until business hours. Luckily, there are emergency dentists available. These emergency dentists in Aurora, CO will help you get the care you need, so you don’t have to live with pain for days. Urgent care dentists are open during the evenings and weekends. You can walk in no matter what time it is and get the treatment you need.

Weekend dentists in Aurora, CO are just a phone call away. You can start with the below phone number. They will connect you with an Aurora emergency dentist immediately. The alternative is browsing our list of after hour dentists below. You will find the phone number and website easily, so you can call to make arrangements to come in and get your oral issues taken care of quickly.

Let’s get started, so you can get the relief you need right now.

emergency dentist Aurora

Urgent Dental Care Clinics in Aurora, Colorado

The face of pain is not anything we wish to stare into when our tooth is screaming out in agony or a game of soccer turns into a dental crisis with a broken, loose, or missing tooth.  This is where it is helpful to have a directory of some weekend dentists who can help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, morning or night.  We have taken the time to review a number of dental services that can be there for you in your time of crisis. These emergency dentists in Aurora CO will take care of your needs.

Review the list we have below of weekend dentists open on Saturday and Sunday in Aurora, CO. With them being open 24 hours, you can get the oral care you need no matter what time it is day or night or whatever day it is during the week.

Emergency Dentists USA Referral Service Aurora

Phone Number: Click to Call:
Address: Referral Service to tens of Dental Offices within the range of Aurora
DescriptionJust southeast of Denver, this city is where many stay traveling through one of the busiest airports in the nation, and where they connect by lite rail to downtown. If you are staying here on business or to see the mountains, don’t let extreme dental pain halt you in your tracks, and get in touch with our referral service immediately when you start to have pain.

Emergency Dental Care Network

Multiple Locations
Denver: (303) 495-3443 |   Colorado Springs: (719) 302-3143
If Closed, Call (855) 276-1128 and get an emergency dentist appointment through the operator.
Finding a weekend dentist in Aurora, Colorado are nearby town can be the answer to one’s prayers if the dental gremlins are loose and causing you all sorts of pain.  There is no need to suffer.  Finding an emergency dentist office open Sunday, Saturday, seven days a week, and all around the clock can stop if you choose to reach out to this urgent dental care network.  A complete set of dentistry services are provided including IV sedation, extraction for those painful teeth, root canals , implants, denture repair, partials, wisdom teeth extraction, crown and bridge repair, perio scaling, and other related dental complications. Emergency Dental Care is open year around and even on holidays.  They specialize in handling urgent and critical dental incidents and focus on providing you the highest quality of care.  You can walk in to any of their clinics or call to set up an appointment.

Map Is Not Available

Associates in Family Dentistry

Address: 15425 East Iliff Avenue Aurora, CO 80013
Phone: 720.506.4410
If Closed, Call (855) 286-1240 and get an emergency dentist appointment through the operator.
Description:  This emergency dentist in Aurora, CO can handle your urgent dental problem if you need immediate assistance.  Finding an emergency dentist open on Sunday or Saturday in Aurora can be a challenge, but this local clinic offers quality dental care weekdays, and weekends, on Saturday.  As a family dental office serving the Aurora area for over twenty years, they describe themselves as private practice whose aim is to continually please their patients.  They also emphasize the are more than willing to take on emergency dentist cases that arise and extend their hours into the evenings and flex their schedule as may be needed.

Associates in Family Dentistry

  • Timothy Biel DDS
  • Rodger Miller DDS
  • Dominic Toriggino DDS
  • Neil Kruglet DDS

Valley Modern Dentists

Address: 16900 E Quincy Ave, Aurora, CO 80015
Phone Number: (303) 617-4488
If Closed, Call (855) 285-7014 and get an emergency dentist appointment through the operator.
Description:  Driving to a 24-hour dentist in Aurora, CO can be a challenging task unless you have a game plan.  This facility will work with your schedule if you have critical dental case.  These emergency dentists will extend their normal office hours to address an evening emergency and providing you with quality care to diagnose and eradicate the pain you may be suffering is their first order of business. Their focus is also on delivering modern dentistry services to their patients which includes digital x-rays, intra-oral photos, and CEREC CAD/CAM restorations.  This allows them to be more cost efficient and time efficient.

Aurora Modern Dentistry

Address: 10650 E Garden Dr Ste 106 Aurora, CO 80012
Phone Number: 303-366-5100
If Closed, Call (855) 285-7014 and get an emergency dentist appointment through the operator.
Description: : With a six-day a week schedule, and the ability to quickly perform root canals, extractions, checkups on cracked or broken teeth, braces coming loose, or looking in on an abscess potential, this is a great place to stop if you are spending time in this suburbs just southeast of the Denver metro area. Dentists Katie, Angela, Scott, and Justin all join together to form a team that is competent, able to see you immediately, and fully understands the importance of preventing infection at the first sign of a severely aching tooth or gums.
Driving Direction

University of Colorado school of Dental Medicine

Address:13065 E. 17th Avenue | Aurora, CO 80045
Phone Number:303-724-6900
If Closed, Call (855) 285-7014 and get an emergency dentist appointment through the operator.
Description: Known to be an excellent anchor in the Denver medical community for decades, this is where you can obtain emergency dental service from an aspiring 3rd or fourth-year student, who will be using their skill and talents to give you the best care possible. This is an entity that has long been recognized for a very high quality of care, and a place that you can come in confidence if you think you have a severe dental emergency. If you have a skiing or hiking trip planned and feel that tell-tale aching of an infected tooth, don’t put off a visit to the Dental College; your future health depends on it!
Driving Direction

Your dental health is important to us. We wouldn’t search for emergency dentists in just about every city in the United States, if it wasn’t. This is why we want to be sure you have all of the information need as you go in for your dental emergency appointment.Please see if you can bring someone with you to your urgent dental appointment in Aurora. You may have to have anethesia and not be able to drive afterwards. Plus, it’s just nice to have someone there for you while you are seeking dental work.

Don’t forget your cell phone. You will need it if you have to call for a ride home. It’s also good to have it so you can be safe while out at night.
After you have your appointment, consider finding a regular dentist if you do not have one. Preventative care is just as important as emergency care. You can learn more about your dental health on the Colorado Dental Association website. It has a lot of information that every person should know to make sure they are taking good care of their teeth.

Please consider sharing this website with your friends and family. We have cities across the nation, so they can find an after hours dentist in their city as well.

We wish you a great appointment and pain relief as soon as possible. If you find any other dentists with emergency services, please let us know. We are always updating our records here, and would love to add more as they become available.

 Who’s your top emergency dentist in Fort Collins Colorado?

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