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Sometimes when we least expect it, things can go wrong and we may require the immediate need of a dentist. It can happen at all hours of the day, morning or night and sometimes it can occur on a Saturday or Sunday. When we need help to lessen the pain, the fear may be that you will not be able to locate qualified medical assistance. That is not the case and if you have done some research you will see that a freak dental accident such as a broken tooth or a maddening toothache can get attended to over the weekend or late at night.

emergency dental Cincinnati

Emergency Dentist USA is a directory of qualified late dentists in Cincinnati, OH. These dentists offer everything you would like when you need dental care in the middle of the night or on the weekends. You can have a tooth extracted, a cavity filled, or dental implant repair. This can be a major relief to you if you thought you had to wait until your regular dentist is available during normal business hours.

The first listing we have as part of our list is for a directory. They provide a list of 24 hour dentist in Cincinnati, OH.  You can then have them set you up with an appointment or just call the number they give you.

After this directory, you will find a list of Cincinnati, OH emergency dentists available. You can research them by going to their website. You can also call to see if they are available to take you immediately.
Call 24/7 Free: 1 (513) 815-3436

Helped me find a dentist while travelling for business in Cincinnati, would definitely recommend this as the easiest way to get a quick dental appointment! -Simon (From Atlanta GA, Travelling in Cincinnati)

Urgent Dental Care Clinics in Cincinnati, Ohio

Being able to get help when you face a dental issue like this is critical, particularly if the weekend has arrived and your regular dentist is unavailable. An Emergency dentist in Cincinnati, Ohio is not terribly difficult to find if you know where to start your search. We aim to help with this challenge and have mapped out some clinics that will be of assistance to you if such an urgent situation should unfold in your life.. Cincinnati emergency dental clinics dot the landscape in and around the city. If you need dental care on a weekend or during late hours, then take a good look at what is available nearby.

Emergency Dentists Referral Service Cincinnati

Phone Number: Click to Call:
Address: Various Dental Offices across Cincinnati
Doctors Multiple
Description Call to be connected with the perfect dentist for you. Cincinnati is a large city and we have the connections to find a dentist to fit your needs, and can get you an appointment immediately.

Afinia Dental

Address 1: 792 Eastgate South Drive, Suite 250, Cincinnati, OH 45245
Address 2: 9415 Fields Ertel Road, Cincinnati, OH 45249
Phone 1: 513.482.1828 (New Mason Location)
Phone 2: 513.746.8228
If Closed, Call (855) 276-1128 and get an emergency dentist appointment through the operator.
If you are seeking a weekend dentist in Cincinnati then you should consider this dental practice that offers five very capable and experienced dentist including the founding physicians, Dr. Andrew Kilgore, Dr. Aaron Shaftel, Dr. Andrew Jordan, Dr. Christopher Heck, and Dr. Jonathan Conover. This team of dentists serve the West Chester and East Cincinnati locations. Office hours range from M–F 7:30 a.m.–7:30 p.m. and Sat 7:30 a.m.–1:30 p.m. If you have an urgent, same day dental complication then contact one of their locations and describe your problem to the staff in order to get immediate attention. There are 5 levels of dental service aimed at providing the highest level of dental well being and enhance the patients quality of life. These dentistry services include, urgent care, remedial care, self care, general dentistry, and services focused on you looking your best.

Map Is Not Available

MK Dental Excellence

Address: 7140 Miami Ave, Suite 102, Cincinnati,OH45243
Phone: 513-268-5092

If Closed, Call (855) 286-1240 and get an emergency dentist appointment through the operator.

Description: Locating a dental emergency clinic in Cincinnati can be a laborious process if you are truly suffering and need attention immediately. Those dentists that are open on a Saturday or weekend to help you in your time in need may be of high priority and this dental practice is worthy of your consideration. So why choose this outfit. They offer a comfortable and relaxing environment with well trained personnel whose focus is to provide personalized, gentle care. The clinic makes use of cutting edge technology and affordable payment plans, as well as emergency appointments (Saturdays by appointment) and free consultations. Dr. Manju Kejriwal is the general dentist for this location and has been offering family dentistry services along with cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics for over 20 years.
Call this emergency dentist in Cincinnati, OH today for more information.

Aspen Dental

Address 1: 867 Eastgate North Dr Cincinnati, OH 45245
Address 1: Colerain Center 9850 Colerain Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45251 (Northgate Location)
Phone Number: (877) 277-4354
If Closed, Call (855) 285-7014 and get an emergency dentist appointment through the operator.
Description: This nationwide dental clinic has multiple locations throughout the country offering Saturday or Sunday dentist care in Cincinnati to those patients facing a urgent dental complication. Their network of locations offer accessibility, affordability, and with over 300 dental clinics, it is likely you will find one nearby your residence. Emergency walk-ins and same day appointments are more than welcomed, so if your struggling with finding a dentist open on Saturday or late hours, you may very well have found an answer to your needs with this dental group.

Map Is Not Available


Address: Crossings of Colerain (Across from Walmart), 8340 Colerain Ave Cincinnati, OH 45239
Phone: 513-385-5999
If Closed, Call (855) 286-9817 and get an emergency dentist appointment through the operator.
Description: If you are looking for a qualified dental facility that is available to service your urgent dental medical needs from 9:am to 9 pm, 7 days a week, then certainly consider this practice. They offer superior dental care services each day of the week and accepts most insurance plans, while offering flexible payments plans. No appointment is needed, hence if you are suffering from an emergency dental crisis, they will happily be available to help you.

Map Is Not Available

Florence Urgent Dental Care

Phone: (859) 647-7600
If Closed, Call (855) 286-9817 and get an emergency dentist appointment through the operator.
Description: This clinic makes it a point to not charge patients a higher price than they would be billed for normal dental care, and feels that some individuals prey on those who need quick help. Root canals, extractions, wisdom teeth coming in, and other dental trauma elements are all performed here with ease. There is no appointment necessary, there is a highly experienced and qualified team of dental professionals on hand, and they are thankfully open 7 days a week.
Driving Direction

Kings Dental

Address:10587 Montgomery Rd, Cincinnati, OH, 45242
Phone: (513)-770-0175
If Closed, Call (855) 286-9817 and get an emergency dentist appointment through the operator.
Description: Located on Montgomery Road in Cincinnati, this is another office that is proudly open 7 days a week for extreme emergencies! Doctor Guy Gunacar has more than 20 years of experience from practice all over the globe, and has a true passion for helping those in severe pain. It is great to know that residents have options like this: many towns only have place that will shut the doors at 4pm, working just standard hours. Having a severely aching tooth is an event that many people never forget, and can really change your level of gratitude for a stellar emergency dentist.
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Emergency Dental Pros

Address:8044 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45236
Phone: 513-327-2008
If Closed, Call (855) 286-9817 and get an emergency dentist appointment through the operator.
Description: Featuring affordable pricing, dentists that truly care, and a clinic that is open 7 days a week, this is a clinic that can provide relief for the severe swelling, infection, or unexplained pain you are starting to feel every night. Broken teeth from unexpected accidents, and even lost fillings are reasons for which you quickly want to see an emergency dentist: don’t let the pain dictate how your entire week turns out! If something is very serious with your dental health, you will be given the possibility of having a procedure that very same day.
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Once you receive care from a late dentist, you should schedule a regular dental appointment. If paying for it is a problem, consider searching the Ohio Dental Association website. They have a lot of dentists that will provide low cost dental services. This way you can get the dental care you need without feeling as though you are sacrificing something else that’s important to you.

Please share this website with others, as it has walk-in dentist options for many cities. We love helping people get the emergency dental care they need in Cincinnati, OH.

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