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Finding oral health care in the middle of the night or late on a Saturday or Sunday evening is no easy chore.  Unfortunately, thousands of Americans every day require the assistance of a dentist to attend to their emergency dental care.  In cities across the United States, the need of these critical care dentistry facilities are becoming more pronounced and if you live in Georgia and face a situation, lets say  you need urgent dental care in Columbus, GA, then you are not wanting to work through a lot of red tape to find one.  The news on this front is quite good, so do not panic if you have a painful loose tooth or broke your jaw requiring the services of a 24 hour dental clinic in Columbus, GA.  Help is not just on its way, it is there for the taking if you know where to look.

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We try to help you with that through our free dental directory service of doctors who are trained to help you if you find yourself facing a dental crisis.  While the typical dentist may not keep their doors open to patients during the evening hours or weekends, there are certain dentist practices that seek out patients whose emergency dental needs occur during off hours, such as a weekend or a holiday.  Often times, these oral physicians also run a regular practice, but they are willing to be that dentist open on Saturday in Columbus, Ga when no one else will open their doors.  So my recommendation is to think in a forward manner and whether you are traveling, vacationing, or simply at home, you want to have a back up plan for your dental emergencies.  You do not want to rely on just one dentist and so take a moment and bookmark our website.  Wherever you are…whichever city you are traveling through…chances are that we have canvassed that region already and have suggestions on where you can go to get help.

Dentist Night Clinic Columbus, Ga

There is no need for anyone to suffer needlessly when help could be just around the corner.  Utilize the dentist directories we have for each city for which we have provided coverage.  It is completely free and certainly if you are ever in a situation where a dental ailment is knocking on your door, you want to have a place you can call and visit to get much needed relief.

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Valley Health Care System

Address: 1600 Fort Benning Road Columbus, GA 31903
Telephone: (706) 322-9599 EXT. 1050 or 1051
Description:  If you are looking for a full service medical facility that offers a wide range of emergency services then you need to take a close look at Valley Healthcare.  Finding a dentist open on Saturday in Columbus, Georgia is a real gem of a discovery  because there is no doubt an unpredictability associated with many dentistry problems.

This outfit can perform a variety of dental services including just in time extractions for those oral health care issues that cannot wait.  The hours of availability on Saturday is 9 – 4 pm and with bilingual services and qualified dental and medical personnel, you can rest assured you will be in good hands if you find yourself in the midst of a painful dental mishap.

Family Dental Care

Address: 6233 Veterans Parkway Columbus, GA 31909
Telephone: 706-324-4363
Description:  So you are at your wits end trying to locate a weekend dentist in Columbus, GA or any qualified dental professional that can treat and prescribe whatever you need to make that pain go away.  Identifying a facility that advertises walk in dentist  Columbus, GA services throughout the day and hopefully on a Saturday and Sunday is indeed a challenge.  But Dr Swords does not shy away from rendering emergency dental services and his full service dental clinic can perform all forms of general dentistry including cleanings, bleaching, veneers, extractions, fillings, crowns and bridges, and mini implants.  Dr. Swords possesses 25 years of experience in the field, both in the Air Force and private practice.  His staff has an exceptional high amount of experience and expertise.  Together the teams has over 120 years of dental experience.

Midtown Dental Care

Address: 1380 14th Street – Columbus, GA 31901
Telephone: (706) 322-0651
Description: The thing that really stands out about Midtown Dental Care is the fact that they specifically go out of their way to take care of patients with dental emergencies. A simple look at their website and their “same day emergency” plan can tell you that. You may notice that they have a page on their website specifically set aside for those with dental emergencies. Anyone with swollen gums, broken teeth or abscessed teeth will find that Midtown Dental is the place to go.


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