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The weekend, when it arrives, can be so much fun and the last thing you are probably thinking about is where you can find an after hours dentist in Corpus Christi, Texas.  But if your family is as active as mine, whether it be soccer, skateboarding, or any number of sports, all sorts of medical and dentistry issues can arise.  Whether these accidents involve a bit tongue, a laceration in the mouth, a painful abscess tooth, or some other severe dental pain,  accidents happen and when they do you will want to know where Corpus Christi emergency dental clinics are located and whether they are open over the weekend or offer 24/7 services.  

Such is the life of a parent as we find that tending to our family’s dental healthcare needs becomes a necessary part of our forward planning efforts.

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Urgent Dental Care in Corpus Christi, TX

There are no guarantees when it comes to planning for the future.  But if you want a head start on finding a 24 hour dentist in Corpus Christi then you ought to take a quick moment to bookmark this website.  Finding a walk in dental clinic is not as difficult as you may think and to that end, we have done some research to help you with that endeavor if the need should ever arise.

Texas is a huge state, we know that, but if you’re absolutely unable to find a dentist near you, why don’t you try looking at our emergency dentist San Antonio page.

Emergency Dentists USA Referral Service Corpus Christi

Phone Number: Click to Call:
Address: Referral Service To Various Dental Offices across Corpus Christi
Doctors Multiple
Description Call to be connected with the perfect dentist for you. Corpus Christi is a large city and we have the connections to find a dentist to fit your needs, and can get you an appointment immediately.

Corpus Christi Center of Cosmetic Dentistry

Address: 4707 Everhart Rd, Corpus Christi, TX7 8411-2736
US Telephone: 361-851-8274
If Closed, Call (855) 276-1128 and get an emergency dentist appointment through the operator.

If you are investigating Corpus Christi emergency dental clinics then you want to give consideration to a facility that offers the services of a well trained emergency dentist 24/7.  While this facility typically is not open on weekends, they express that they are welling to flex their appointment schedule to accommodate a dental crisis.  Dr. Don Lowrance, DDS, is a board certified dentist and clinical nutritionist and whose education includes such dental technologies such as Strickland Face Lift Dentures, Cosmetic veneers, TMJ Treatment, laser, orthodontics, neuromuscular orthodontics, sleep apnea appliances, laser treatments, and many others dentistry advances.  As a premier dentist servicing the general Padre Island area, this dental facility should be among those you consider.

Tide Dental

Address: 5858 S. Padre Island Drive, Suite 54 A Corpus Christi, Texas 78412
Phone Number: (361) 994-4867
If Closed, Call (855) 285-7014 and get an emergency dentist appointment through the operator.
Description:  This excellent facility offers a weekend dentist in Corpus Christi, TX, to those who may find themselves in need of urgent dental care.  Offering general dentistry services to it patients and welcoming walk in dental emergencies, this facility is one of the few dentist open on Saturday in Corpus Christi with appointment availability from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.  So if you seek after hour and weekend dentistry services due to an unexpected and distressful tooth ailment, you may want to visit this practice.

Vela Dental Centers (2 convienent locations)

Address 1: Crosstown 361.884.2266 2201 Cleo St., Suite B Corpus Christi, TX 78405
Phone Number: 361-444-1138
Address 2: Southside 361.994.4900 4822 Holly Rd. Corpus Christi, TX 78411
Phone Number: 361-994-4900
If Closed, Call (855) 286-1240 and get an emergency dentist appointment through the operator.
Description:  This family dental center with four locations may be the answer for your search for dental emergency clinics in Corpus Christi and the surrounding areas.  With 25 years of experience in dealing with a variety of patient dental needs in Corpus, the Vela Center has been a constant part of the Gulf Coast citizens in the area including Corpus Christi, Kingsville, and the entire Coastal Bend region.  The staff is bilingual and their urgent care dental team is expertly trained to address walk in dental issues of all types.  The dentistry team consists of Dr. Rene Vela, Dr. Ben Vela, Dr. Kevin Packard, Dr. Rick Lucio, Dr. Jessi LaPointe, and Dr. Nathan Nussenbaum are committed to providing you quality care.  They specialize in fixing damaged or painful teeth, replacing single or multiple teeth, helping you get that winning smile back, and addressing infections in the gum or any other maladies.

Map Is Not Available

Dawood Dental Center Emergency Services

Address 4514 S Staples St, Corpus Christi, TX 78411
Phone Number: 361-992-8531
If Closed, Call (855) 286-1240 and get an emergency dentist appointment through the operator.
Description:This practice is completely committed to restoring and enhancing the natural beauty of your smile, but is also a very competent location that can get rid of your dental emergency! This practice will make every effort to see someone with a dental emergency as soon as possible, and treating every patient as a special individual will make the visit as pleasant as possible. Both of these dentists are Texas natives, and love providing service to individuals in their home state that are coping with massive tooth pain.
Driving Direction

Boss Dental Care Emergency Services

Address801 Everhart Rd. Corpus Christi, TX 78411
Phone Number: 361.992.7551
If Closed, Call (855) 286-1240 and get an emergency dentist appointment through the operator.
Description:: Predicting what is going to happen to your dental health is nearly impossible. You can always contact Dr. Boss to schedule an appointment for you within the next 24 hours, and your severe need will be seen with confidence and professionalism. A broken or lost tooth, need for a root canal, filling, broken crown, or abscessed tooth will soon be met by an excellent practitioner, and you won’t be kept awake any longer by the pain that is plaguing you. Testimonials claim that this practice does far more than just seek to bill large revenues, and is a true blessing to everyone experiencing a dire emergency.
Driving Direction

Which is the top 24 hour emergency dentist office in Plano, TX?

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