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Emergency Dentist Waco, TX


Never before have you felt such stabbing pain like that caused by a severely infected tooth.  It is something you will never forget and the problem can be compounded when its late at night or during weekend.  When one is having difficulty with their teeth and your regular dentist hours cannot accommodate your immediate need, then it may be time to visit a Waco emergency dentist.  Sometimes people try to live with the discomfort of a toothache.  But the kind of pain that visits you, unwelcome as it is, can be quite intolerable.  A lot has to do with the natural sensitivities we have in certain areas of our mouth and jaw due to an abundance of nerves.  This part of our body also gets a lot of use.  Imagine drinking, talking or eating if you have an extremely sore gum or a broken filling.

emergency dentist Waco

What may be the most practical thing to do is assess where the emergency dentists in Waco, TX are located and importantly what are their hours of operation.  Ideally, if you can find a qualified dentist who can attend to your urgent dental care needs, all the better. Locating a 24 hour emergency dental clinic in Waco would be a godsend.  You are not without some prospects to explore.

After Hours Dentist in Waco, TX

I once suffered what I thought was a very painful dental ailment.  Of course Murphy’s law was in effect when I was having my difficulty as the weekend was already underway.  What I ended up doing is scrambling around looking for someone…any dentist for that matter…that would see me.  We have tried to save you the trouble and aggravation by doing some homework on those dentists in your area willing to provide you with assistance if you are suffering.

Today’s Family Dental

Address: 715 North 64th St. Waco, TX 76710
Telephone: (254) 633-2923

Sometimes when you are trying to locate a qualified dentist, the thing you would like to have available to you is a dentist night clinic in Waco, TX.  Dr. Gary Williams and Dr. Curtis Quigley offer complete dental care for adults and children.  They encourage you to contact their emergency after hours number in Waco if you are stricken with a urgent dental problem that can not wait another day or even another hour for treatment. Offering dentistry services including general, cosmetic, sedation,  ER dental care, this medical clinic is primed to get to work on your problem.

Resolution Dental (Two Dental clinics)

Resolution Dental of Waco

Address: 1601 Walton Dr. Waco, Tx 76705
Phone Number: 866-753-0885

Resolution Dental of Killeen

Address: 2200 S WS Young Drive Killeen, TX 76543
Phone Number: 866-904-7861

Description:  If you are now on the edge of pain, turn it around by walking in to one of these two locations that advertise early morning and Saturday appointments.  When you can find a dentist open on Saturday in Waco or Killeen, TX, you may want to jump on it, particularly if you are victimized by a dental complication.  Your oral health is of utmost importance to the staff at this ER dental care facility.  They strive to make your experience seamless and simple in terms of both treatment and payment.

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Brazos Family Dentistry

Address: 3620 Scroggins Dr, Waco, TX76705

Phone Number: (254) 523-0448


Description:  At this family friendly dental practice which is a capable walk in dentist in Waco, TX, you will be pleased to learn that they offer a wide variety of appointments with evening dental emergency hours as late as 7:00 pm. They are known for putting their patients first and have adopted an individualized approach to dental treatments realizing that everyone’s dental needs are specifically unique to their own skeletal structure.  The atmosphere at the clinic is described as soothing and friendly and their experienced staff is prepared to provide quality care. With 25 years of history, this emergency dental care clinic in Waco, TX is offering free consultations and an assortment of services.  Dr. Russell Russ and Crystell Billman are both graduates of Texas A&M and bring a wealth of knowledge in the field.


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