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Erie, PA


Emergency Dentist

Welcome to our page on Erie, Pennsylvania. Today we are going to be discussing a number of things but one thing that we want to make clear to you is our dedication and hard work for helping you find the nearest emergency care dentist. Most likely, if you are viewing this page it means that you have found your self in a little bit of an urgent situation requiring the help of a dentist. It also means that you live in or close to Erie. Our job is to research and put together a list of emergency dentists available in your area. Hence, this page!

emergency dentist Erie

Here is the thing though, most websites just pick out any old dentist but we are a bit different then them. You see, we specialize only in urgent care dentists. That means that the dentists found in this database will all either work around the clock (24 hours,) work on the weekends or in the off chance that our chosen dentists don’t work 24 hours they will offer late hour care.

Urgent Care Dentists In Erie, PA

An emergency dentist can sometimes be hard to find. This is evidenced by the fact that we are one of the only databases online that has taken time to find the dentists with the skills to take on your current predicament. Of course, this also means that there aren’t as many of these special emergency dentists to choose from either. Don’t panic though because we were able to locate three in/or close to your area. Within a few minutes you could be in the care and well on your way to getting your problem taken care of. Lets begin shall we!

Thomas R. Bursich

Address: 9008 Main Street , McKean, PA 16426
Email: n/a
Telephone: 814-476-8022
Description: We almost considered not putting this dentistry on here. That may come as a shock to many of you but hear us out.

Dr. Bursich is an excellent dentist. So excellent in fact that we couldn’t not put his dentistry on here. While his practice doesn’t offer any weekend hours it does offer after hour general dentistry (up to 7 PM) which we consider to be perfect for emergency situations. Honestly, this is one of the best run practices right here in your backyard of Erie!

 Peach Street Dental

Address: 7040 Peach St, Erie, PA
Email: Contact form via site
Telephone: (814) 866-7500 (Calls answered on a 24/7 basis.)
Description: Peach Street Dental is probably the definition of an emergency dentist. They offer late hours on weekdays and offer hours full hours on Saturday. If you call with advice or assistance on an emergency your call will be answered as they have a 24/7 answering service. Upon visiting their site you will notice that they specialize in curing abscess teeth, broken crowns, broken dentures, an infected mouth and tooth damage. So, if you live in Erie and need to get your emergency taken care of as soon as possible we highly recommend Peach Street Dental.

Dr. James A. Parenti

Address: 3811 West Lake Rd, Erie, PA
Telephone: 814-833-8484
Description: Dr. Parenti’s practice is perfect for emergency situations. If you visit the website you will notice that they have a section set aside specifically informing you on what to do if you have a dental emergency. On Monday through Thursday Dr. Parenti checks for emergency at 9 PM. So, it is important that you leave your name and number before that time if you have an emergency and weren’t seen that particular day. Parenti’s practice can fix broken crowns, abscess teeth, dental implants and much more.


Which is the best 24 hour emergency dentist in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania?

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