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Erie, PA


This northwestern Pennsylvania city is a prominent manufacturing center that many travel through every year, and is a city just like anywhere you can find yourself suddenly needing 24 hour dentist Erie PA to make sure that you don’t spend the rest of your stay here huddled up with massive tooth pain. When you have an occurrence like a broken tooth, it may be your gut reaction to just continue on with your itinerary, keep moving at high speed, and not seek emergency dental attention. What the emergency professional needs to see is how severe the crack is, what kind of hope you may have of keeping it or if there needs to be a bridge constructed, and if you have any nerve or tissue damage because of the crack. We have compiled a list of dentists that have years of experience and training, that will be there for you whether it’s the middle of the night or even a day like Saturday.

emergency dentist Erie

An Erie emergency dentist is the best one to make the call when something like a tooth that has been aching for the entire weekend threatens to thwart your plans or turn the lights off on your business trip. When a toothache begins, it may keep you up for an entire evening, but then you quickly dismiss it as something that is not important. What most professional dentists have let us know is that the sooner you have a toothache and can find a way to see an emergency professional, the sooner you can begin to feel better. You may need a round of powerful antibiotics, x rays taken to make sure that you have the best perspective of the damage, and someone who has seen enough patients to know what to look for on the more serious side of emergency dental issues.

If you’re struggling to find a dentist that is open in Erie, you can try finding an emergency 24 hour dentist in Philadelphia.

This city by the lake is known as “The Flagship City” because of its status and location by the sparking lake, and the city here includes many renovated and newly remodeled factory buildings. The Burger King Ampitheatre hosts many well attended rock and other genres of music festivals, and the Bayfront Convention Center was winner of the 2008 Build America Award from the Associated General Contractors of America. This is listed as one of the snowiest places in the country, and it takes a bit of a brave individual to live and thrive here. Nevertheless, summers here are quite optimum because of the proximity to the lake and many fun activities outdoors, and there are quite a few companies with headquarters here like Erie Insurance Group, Marquette Savings Bank, and the Lord Corporation. The area of Peach Street has some well shopped at clothing stores, that enjoy a tax exemption from the state.

Urgent Care Dentists In Erie, PA

We know that it’s hard to think straight or sleep at all when you are suffering from severe tooth pain, and that sometimes relief is all you dream of. The nights and weekends are a very hard time to deal with massive tooth pain, and you feel as if your entire livelihood is under assault. As soon as you pick up the phone and make the call, you will feel excellent knowing that help from a late night and very trained professional is right around the corner.

Emergency Dentists USA Referral Service Erie

Phone Number: Click to Call:
Address: Referral Service to serveral Dental Offices located in Erie
DescriptionYour trip to Erie could quickly take a fatal turn if you slip on the ice, or have any other accident that gives you a cracked or dislodged tooth. When this happens to you, you can always rest assured by knowing that our hotline can link you up with a trained emergency professional within minutes! So if you find yourself in trouble, just pick up the phone, and we’ll do the rest.

Thomas R. Bursich

Address: 9008 Main Street , McKean, PA 16426
Email: n/a
Telephone: 814-476-8022
If Closed, Call (855) 276-1128 and get an emergency dentist appointment through the operator.
Description: We almost considered not putting this dentistry on here. That may come as a shock to many of you but hear us out.

Dr. Bursich is an excellent dentist. So excellent in fact that we couldn’t not put his dentistry on here. While his practice doesn’t offer any weekend hours it does offer after hour general dentistry (up to 7 PM) which we consider to be perfect for emergency situations. Honestly, this is one of the best run practices right here in your backyard of Erie!

 Peach Street Dental

Address: 7040 Peach St, Erie, PA
Email: Contact form via site
Telephone: (814) 866-7500 (Calls answered on a 24/7 basis.)
If Closed, Call (855) 286-1240 and get an emergency dentist appointment through the operator.
Description: Peach Street Dental is probably the definition of an emergency dentist. They offer late hours on weekdays and offer hours full hours on Saturday. If you call with advice or assistance on an emergency your call will be answered as they have a 24/7 answering service. Upon visiting their site you will notice that they specialize in curing abscess teeth, broken crowns, broken dentures, an infected mouth and tooth damage. So, if you live in Erie and need to get your emergency taken care of as soon as possible we highly recommend Peach Street Dental.

Dr. James A. Parenti

Address: 3811 West Lake Rd, Erie, PA
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 814-833-8484
If Closed, Call (855) 285-7014 and get an emergency dentist appointment through the operator.
Description: Dr. Parenti’s practice is perfect for emergency situations. If you visit the website you will notice that they have a section set aside specifically informing you on what to do if you have a dental emergency. On Monday through Thursday Dr. Parenti checks for emergency at 9 PM. So, it is important that you leave your name and number before that time if you have an emergency and weren’t seen that particular day. Parenti’s practice can fix broken crowns, abscess teeth, dental implants and much more.

Finding a 24 hour dentist Erie PA

One of the most important things that we have learned from the urgent care dentists in our network is a few things to keep in mind when you are dealing with teeth that have suddenly fallen out. This can happen during biking, hiking, action sports, and jogging. When we start moving very quickly to get excercise or our endorphins running, we raise the risk of having a fall or an event like knocking out a tooth. The absolute most important element to keep in mind here is that you need to hold onto the tooth, don’t simply discard it in frustration. The emergency dentist in Erie PA will be able to judge best when it comes to factors like nerve damage, how you can repair your smile, and if you want to attempt to salvage the tooth. Making the mistake of not contacting anyone and just hoping that everything will heal right could be one that brings you misery in the future! If you want to check the official status on any of these dentists before you schedule, you can visit .

Which is the best 24 hour emergency dentist in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania?

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