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I really love my travels through Tennessee and I look forward to my next trip.  The last time I drove through the area was a trip I took to visit the Appalachian trail.  Back then, I never thought I would need an emergency dentist in Knoxville, TN because it just never occurred to me that I would have any such accident that would necessitate the need for dental treatment.  Indeed, the last thing on my mind was where I might find emergency dental care in Knoxville, TN and so in that respect I was really in a vulnerable place. But I guess I was not unlike a lot of other people back in those days when the internet was not very prevalent.  First of all, the very idea of finding an urgent dental care clinic in Knoxville, Tennessee was the last thing on my mind as I traveled in the region nearby the city.  I was just one happy camper and was looking forward to a weekend of fun and pleasure as I headed out to the mountains.

There are so many places to hike in the area and I was just getting underway when I noticed a car coming up on me rather quickly from behind.  Before I knew it, I was rear ended and since I was so foolish not to be wearing my seat belt, the resulting force of the accident caused me to come into contact with my steering wheel on the rebound.  Next thing I knew, my mouth was bleeding and that not so welcoming stream of thoughts of helplessness began to flood my mind.  After all, where was I going to find a 24 hour dental clinic in Knoxville, TN on a late Saturday afternoon.

Well, in all my pain,  I certainly did not have a good answer for that question.  The blood just was pulsating out and I figured that it would be best to quickly survey the damage.  It seemed all my teeth were intact, but I had a really nasty laceration in my mouth and lip.  Well, just when I though this was my most unluckiest day ever, the driver of the vehicle who ran into me came and checked on my condition.  To make a long story short, she turned out to be a dental assistant and while the place she worked at did not see patients on weekends, she was able to direct me to a dentist night clinic in Knoxville, TN.  In fact, she felt so bad, she drove me to the ER clinic after we parked my car in a nearby grocery parking lot.  Later when I got treated, she drove me back and of course we exchanged insurance information and other data.  But I really felt fortunate to have someone who worked in the profession to be on hand to lend help, though it was an odd coincidence.

Knoxville Emergency Dental Clinics

You really just do not know when you will require after hours dental assistance and when that time arrives, the last thing you want is to be in a predicament such as I found myself in.  I was fortunate, but you may not be so lucky.  So get ahead of the curve and find some dental clinics you can rely on if a weekend or after hours dental crisis should unfold in your life.

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1. Freeman General and Cosmetic Dentistry

6555 Chapman Highway, Knoxville, TN 37920
(865) 280-1148

Description:  With 24 hour dental clinic emergency Knoxville, TN services available 24/7 as reported on their website, this sounds like a place you ought to check out.  Purported to have a friendly and experienced staff offering same day ER appointments, this walk in dentist in Knoxville, TN is accustom to handling a varieties of oral health cases.  They have expressed a keen understanding of how tooth pain and oral injuries can rush into your life over a weekend or even during the middle of the night  and therefor they expect to handle cases at all hours.  No matter what time it is, they want you to call so you can get attention.  A competent dental emergency clinic in Knoxville, TN is not always easy to find and so do put yourself in a position where panic lead to poor decision making. Go visit this facility now to size them up and decide if this will be your go to ER Knoxville dental clinic.

2. Blue Ridge Family Dentistry

824 W. Lamar Alexander Pkwy, Maryville, TN 37801

Description:  Welcome to practice that services a wide region offering emergency dental services to Maryville, TN, Alcoa, TN, Blount County, and all of East Tennessee.   Let us say you are in a pinch and you need an after hours dentist in Knoxville, TN region pronto.  This facility prides itself on being the convenient place you can count on during such stressful situations.  They understand that dental ailments that suddenly come into your life does not care about your budget, but with a price efficient approach to the many dentistry services provided, Blue Ridge Dentistry may be just what you need for your personal oral care.

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