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Dr. Greg Grillo

Dr. Greg Grillo was born and raised in the Okanogan Valley in Washington state. Dr. Grillo spent eight years at the University of Washington and received a bachelor’s degree with honors before attending the School of Dentistry on the same campus.

From there he was selected for a Health Professions Scholarship by the United States Navy where he served as a dental officer for four years.

While in the navy, Dr. Grillo served tours in South Carolina and Japan, treating families of squadron military members and receiving advanced training in multiple areas of specialized dentistry. In 1999, after completing more than 300 hours of this additional formal education, he returned home to join the practice of his father, Dr. Jerry Grillo (Grillo-Robeck Dental).

Dr. Grillo has continued his practice in North Central Washington for more than 17 years, balancing his clinical practice with a role as the Content Director at a rapidly growing dental software company and freelance dental copywriting.

He especially enjoys caring for growing families in his practice and remains passionate about incorporating new technologies into his work that enhance the patient experience.

Dr. Grillo continues to take numerous continuing education courses on all aspects of dentistry and is also involved in a variety of community activities in the Omak area outside of his work.

Dr. Grillo & Emergency Dentists USA

As Emergency Dentist USA’s Expert Dentist, Dr. Grillo makes sure that all of the information on this site is up-to-date, evidence-based, and factually accurate. If there’s a new oral health or dental procedure that our patients need to be aware of, he’ll tell us all about it so that we can pass that information on to you in an educational, easy-to-read fashion.

He’ll keep us updated on new technologies that are being used and what exactly our readers can expect from a visit to an emergency dentist in 2018. As a passionate content developer, he’ll make sure we’re providing the best information we can on the Emergency Dentist USA blog.

And he’ll make sure that we’re only partnering with dentists and oral surgeons who are highly qualified and ready to provide the best possible care to our readers and those who call the EDUSA helpline.

Dr. Grillo’s more than two decades of expertise, combined with his passion for dental marketing and knowledge of dental software, makes him an invaluable asset to the Emergency Dentists USA team.

And because he’s still working as a dental practitioner and constantly taking new courses to stay educated, he knows better than anyone what our readers and callers can expect when they visit an emergency dentist, as well as what to look for when we partner with practitioners across the United States.

Dr. Grillo and his wife, Lisa, have 3 children and continue to live and work in the state of Washington. Outside the office, he can be found snow skiing, hiking, playing tennis, or just enjoying the outdoors.

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