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Toothaches – What To Do When You Have One


A toothache is kind of a general thing isn’t it? It can be caused by any number of things. Well, today you just happened to stumble across the ultimate “what to do when you have a tooth ache” page. We are going to cover pretty much everything you will ever need to know. What kind of toothache will cause you to visit the dentist, home remedies you can try, toothache prevention, etc, etc.

The thing to remember here is that toothaches are quite common. Some go away on their own (admittedly rare) but others require immediate attention. We thought that the best way to kick this page off was to talk about what kinds of things cause toothaches.

(Disclaimer- We are not a licensed “medical” site. We are simply an information site passing along our findings throughout the dental community.)
causes of toothaches


As stated above, any number of things of things can cause a toothache. However, as a general rule when you start to get a toothache it is not a good sign. It means you have some sort of dental complication that can be caused by the following things:toothache is not a good sign


  • Tooth Decay (Due to poor oral health)

  • Abscessed Tooth
  • A Severe Fracture Of The Tooth
  • Poor Gum Health
  • Grinding Your Teeth

symptoms of toothaches


It occurs to us that we really haven’t gone into much detail as to what a toothache will feel like. Toothaches can cause a wide variety of symptoms. Here are a few of the most common:

  • Mild To Severe Pain In The Gums, Jaw or Teeth.
  • Swelling Of The Teeth or Gums.
  • Headache.
  • Fever.
  • You Begin To Get A Horrible Taste In Your Mouth (Caused by the infected tooth.)

home remedies for toothaches

Home Remedies

(Disclaimer- We don’t necessarily buy into the whole “home remedies” thing but after an overwhelming inquiry about them we were forced to give our audience (you) what you want to read and that was home remedies.)

First things first, we want to make it clear that our first recommendation for a toothache is to go to a dentist or doctor. Nevertheless, perhaps some of these home remedies can provide some relief or even solve he problem altogether.

emergency dentists usa

Going To The Dentist With A Tooth Ache

Our guess is that if your tooth ache is bad enough you are going to end up going to the dentist. There is something about mouth pain that takes over every thought you have that forces you to find ways to take care of it. One thing we want to make you aware of is the fact that our site is the ultimate hub for emergency dentists throughout the United States. So, if you ever need help finding a dentist just visit our homepage, find your state and you will be able to locate your city and as a result the top emergency dentists in your area.

With that out of the way we are going to take a moment to explain what going to the dentist with a toothache will be like for you. Typically, four things will happen when you visit the dentist for a toothache:

  1. Your dentist will obtain your dental history and look over it.
  2. Then he/she will conduct some type of oral exam to find the problem. (If your tooth ache is bad enough your dentist will have no problem finding the root cause of it.)
  3. Usually, some type of test will be performed like an X-Ray.
  4. Then the dentist will explain your treatment options.

“Many times patients make a rash decision to pull the tooth causing pain. While this may solve the problem right away, doing so can lead to unintended consequences that can later cost you function, appearance, and more money. It is important to have a conversation with your dentist before deciding to extract a tooth. There may be other options that you weren’t aware of that will stop the pain and also allow you to retain your smile and your ability to chew properly.”

Dr. David Hudnall

Your Treatment Options

Whatever treatment you receive will be based on whatever is causing the problem in the first place. So, it is impossible for us to tell you exactly what your particular treatment option is because treatments vary from person to person.

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