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7 Countries Famous For (Cheap) Dental Work

Most are apprehensive about visiting the dentist because of the potential pain factor, but the cost that comes with it hurts even more! According to a report disclosed by Bernie Sanders, there are around 130 million Americans without dental insurance. This is equivalent to 40% of the entire population of the country.

Going to another country to have dental procedures done is a much cheaper option for Americans. In fact, it can save as much as 70% of the total cost. This total includes your expenses for air fare, hotel accommodation and whatever treatment or procedure you are having done. You can plan to spend a few more days at the destination for a vacation if you want to, as well.

This is why a growing number of Americans would rather travel elsewhere to have medical procedures done instead of doing them at home.

Check out the details and prices for dentistry at our #1 ranked country for Cheap Dental work, Costa Rica and fill out the contact form there to get help with planning a dental tourism trip to Costa Rica.

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There are quite a few reasons why the fees are low, such as low labor costs, for example. Dentists in these countries have also spent a lower amount on education fees compared to the amount they would have to pay if they were getting their education in the US. Because of this, dentists do not mind charging a lower price for their services. They also have easier access to technology, as well.

If you are interested in having your dental procedure done in a different country, here are 7 of the best choices.

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7 Countries Famous For (Cheap) Dental Work

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the number one country in the world for cheap dental work. It has a number of dental practices that are both safe and state-of-the-art with the latest technology, treatments, and procedures that are perfected on an international dental standard. They have a number of US-trained practices, including Dr. Mario, who cares for a number of foreign patients every month.


Mexico is obviously the closest country to visit for dental work for Americans. Yes, there are some clinics that should be avoided there, but in Mexico City, there are a lot of high-quality dentists. Some of these clinics are highly reputable and have dentists practicing who have studied in the United States.


If you don’t want to travel to Mexico, but you don’t want to go much further, Panama is a great choice. Panama has world-class hospitals and even US-trained dentists.


The growing economy in the Philippines is one major reason why it’s the perfect country to have cheap dental procedures done. It’s one of the top countries in the world for medical tourism, mainly because they have met the major international standards for dentistry. Filipinos also speak English quite well, so communication generally won’t be an issue.


This country is considered a paradise for those who wish to save money on dental costs, as well as on the cost for other medical procedures. They also have high-quality doctors, plus what they offer in the way of cultural heritage, so you’re definitely getting a bargain.


If you think Hungary is cheap, then you’ll find that Romania 20% cheaper. This country is considered the cheapest in the Western world in terms of dental costs. A lot of Americans have gone to Romania just to have a dental procedure done. The quality of work done is also highly recommended.


There are a lot of qualified dentists in Thailand, which makes it a haven for expats. You can be sure that these dentists are used to providing services to foreigners, aside from the fact that Thailand is a major tourist destination. You may have to spend a bit more on dental costs, but you can do so while enjoying all the tourist aspects the country has to offer.

Need Advice About Cheap Dentistry in Costa Rica? – Fill out Our Form!

Contact our dental patient coordinator for Costa Rica – Charles Dennard


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