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Dental Implants Los Angeles – Find A Denture Implant Dentist

While a lot of improvement has been made in dental care, there are millions worldwide suffering from tooth loss, caused mostly due to tooth decay, gum disease and other injuries. In United States alone there are more than 30 million people suffering from partial or complete teeth loss. dental implants los angelesThe traditional treatment options for tooth loss include bridges and dentures. Dental implant is the latest and most advanced treatment available. Also look for emergency dental care in Los Angeles.

What exactly is a Dental Implant?

The typical dental implant procedure includes the replacement of tooth roots. These implants provide a strong foundation and support the replacement tooth being made. The implants are secured in the jawbone and they are not even visible once the surgery is done. They are made of titanium which makes them strong and light weight – titanium and its alloys are mostly used in dental implants.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implant by far is the most effective treatment wherever tooth loss is considered. This is due to the fact that it has numerous plus points. These include improved appearance, speech and comfort along with better oral health. Also these implants are very durable and last for several years and if very good care is taken, they may last forever.

Dental Implant: Success Rate

The three factors which affect the success rate of dental implants are- the skill of the operator, the patient’s oral hygiene and quality of bone available. Apart from this, the task of achieving and maintaining implant stability is another most important factor. The dental implant success rate varies, since it depends on the location of the jaw where it is placed. Generally the implants carry a success rate of up to 98%. Other contributing factors are patient’s overall health and post surgical care.

Dental Implant Market

The dental implant market has been growing fast. In U.S. alone, about 3 million people have taken dental implants and the number is rising by 500,000 per year. Currently about 10% of the dentists in U.S. are capable of dental implants and the number is increasing with a great pace. According to a survey, the global prosthetic market raised to around 8.1 billion U.S. dollars by 2010. Also the U.S. market for dental implants has already crossed $ 1 billion mark by 2010, and is projected to rise greatly.

Do’s and Don’ts while having a Dental Implant

Dental Implants are becoming very common nowadays for the treatment of ill roots, bad or decayed tooth, cavities etc. Here are a few tips or we can say a few Do’s and Don’ts if you are undergoing a dental implant.


Keep it Cool
After a dental implant surgery, apply ice on your face. This prevents the gums from swelling, though it might feel a little too cold. Patients normally notice the operated area to swell up after a dental implant for a few days. Ice helps relieve them from too much swelling.

Take the prescribed medicine periodically
Regular dosage of the prescribed medicines are a MUST after dental surgery. Improper dosage may lead to slow healing and also might result in infection.

Water is a MUST
After a dental implant, drink as much water as you can, as fluids help cool down the affected area and recovery is faster. Also, make sure you avoid using straws as straw creates suction in the mouth which applies strain on the treated area.

Take rest for a few initial hours
If you have undergone a dental surgery, forget all your work for at least one full day and take as much rest as you can. Also make sure that you keep your head elevated such that there is less pressure on your brand new tooth.


Don’t chew sticky items
If you are a toffee lover, restrain from it for a few days after a dental surgery. Do NOT eat sticky items as your new tooth might simply get unrooted if it has not held its grip properly.

Don’t bite your nails
After a dental implant, make sure you do not bite your nails as doing this causes strain on the tooth and might weaken the roots. Anyways, biting nails is not advised in any circumstances, it is unhealthy.

Do Not Smoke
Don’t smoke after you have had a tooth implant done. It can create a vacuum suction pressure like that of a straw and rip off the stitches or the tooth structure.

Don’t be in a hurry to get well.

Getting well soon is OK, but in case of having a dental implant, do not be in a hurry to get well real soon. Allow the gums to take their normal shape, give it time to heal. Do not assume by yourself that your tooth is perfectly fine and you can now chew normally using it. It is always better late than never!

Dental Implants Los Angeles

Dentist: Kevin B. Sands, DDS
Address: 414 N Camden Drive Suite 940Los Angeles, CA 90210
Website: www.dentalimplantlosangeles.net
Phone Number: (310) 273-0111
If you’re looking for dental implants in Los Angeles, this is your answer. The clinic specializes in dental implants and can help you get all your dental needs met. Everybody from Charlie Sheen to Robert Downey Jr. has visited the clinic, and you could be among the visitors too.

Office hours:

  • Monday – Friday 8 am to 5 pm
  • Sunday and Sunday – Closed

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Sargon Dental Implants

Dentist: Dr. Sargon Lazarof
Address: 16101 Ventura Blvd. Suite # 350 Encino, California 91436
Website: www.sargondentalimplants.com
Phone Number: 1-888-673-2177
Dr. Sargon Lazarof, who heads the saloon is the inventor of the immediate dental implant technique, and has revolutionized how we know dental implants. You can get permanent solution without having to worry about long healing periods, and you can replace tooth in simple, easy steps. Improve the quality of your life and do more.

Office hours:

  • Monday – Friday 10 am to 5 pm
  • Weekends – Closed

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Westside: Center for Periodontics and Implant Dentistry

Dentist: Dr. Bijan Afar
Address: 6200 Wilshire Blvd., Suite#1508 Los Angeles, CA 90048
Website: www.oralimplants.com
Phone Number: 310-443-4444
You will love the different dental services on available here, which includes everything from dental cosmetic services to normal dental implants. All modern treatments are followed and you can restore the teeth easily – the clinic specializes in periodontal disease therapy. All dental implant needs are taken care of, with a specialized staff who know just how to meet your needs.

Office hours:

  • Monday – Friday 9 am to 6 pm
  • Weekends – By appointment only

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Los Angeles dental implants can be easier with the right dentists. And these are just some of the best dental implant Lost Angeles you can find today.

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