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Emergency Dentist for Seniors

emergency dentists seniors no insurance

Emergency Dentist for Seniors If you often find yourself Googling something like “emergency dentist for seniors near me”, rest assured – you’re not alone. It’s easy to feel helpless when you’re in the midst of a dental emergency, and it’s important to find a dental professional that knows how to meet the needs and expectations of a senior citizen such ...

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Broken Molar: Symptoms, Risks, and Costs

Broken Molar

If you are currently facing a dental emergency, whether it be an abscessed tooth or another instance, you can use our 24/7 dentist hotline or to get immediate help. Our hotline is free, offers fast service and is easy to use. Our molars—those big grinders at the back of our mouths on both sides—are the teeth that help us chew ...

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Do I Have an Exposed Tooth Root?

Exposed Tooth Root

Are you having issues with receding gums and tooth sensitivity? You could have an exposed tooth root. Learn more about the roots of your teeth, how they relate to gum health, and what you should do if you experience the common signs and symptoms of an exposed tooth root. “It’s not easy for a patient to determine whether sensitivity is ...

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Is a Cracked Tooth Worth Fixing?

Is a Cracked Tooth Worth Fixing

Like root canal treatment or an enormous cavity, a cracked tooth is an urgent matter for many people, simply because it looks or feels strange and is a worrying issue to have to deal with. Your teeth are supposed to be in one piece, after all. Even if you aren’t terribly concerned about your cracked tooth, failing to seek treatment ...

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Why You Shouldn’t Attempt to Fix a Broken Tooth at Home

Why You Shouldn’t Attempt to Fix a Broken Tooth at Home

“Can I fix a broken tooth at home?” This may seem like a complicated question, but there’s a simple answer: no, you shouldn’t try to do this kind of dental repair on your own. Find out why this is such a bad idea and what you should do instead, including some temporary measures that can help you feel a bit ...

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Broken Braces and Brace Wires: Symptoms and Solutions

Broken Braces and Brace Wires

Wearing dental braces, and orthodontic band, or similar orthodontic treatment comes with its own set of responsibilities. In addition to knowing how to properly clean your teeth and avoid food that can damage your braces, you’ve got to know what is and isn’t normal for your braces so you can recognize emergencies that need immediate care. Luckily, braces are pretty ...

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What Is a Fractured Tooth?

Fractured Tooth

We’ve probably all heard of root canal therapy, a split tooth, tooth pain, and tooth decay, but what about a tooth fracture? The word “fracture” is a common one when dealing with health issues relating to our bones, but what does it mean when we’re talking about our teeth? Learn more about what tooth fractures are, how they can happen, ...

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Natural Remedies for Tooth Cavities Aren’t a Great Idea. Here’s Why

Natural Remedies for Tooth Cavities

It makes sense that there’d be a market for alternative dental care and cure tooth decay and gum disease. Going to the dentist to get your teeth drilled can be a nerve-wracking experience. Unfortunately, though, natural treatments haven’t been shown to actually work for treating your cavities. Failing to seek proper treatment for a cavity can lead to much more ...

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Top 5 Water Flossers

If this is your first time hearing about a water flosser, also called a waterpik, or have seen a water flosser review before, one thing is for sure – they are changing the game in regard to how we take care of our oral health. Water flossers replace your traditional dental floss for an easier, more effective way to floss ...

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What is a DMD? – Dentistry 101

difference between a dmd and a dds

If you ask someone what a DMD is, what answer would they give you? Do you even know what a DMD is, and how they differ from a DDS? If you have no knowledge whatsoever, fear not, we’re here to help you understand all of it. If you are currently in need of a dentist, whether it’s an emergency or ...

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