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5 Weirdest Things People Do To Get a Whiter Smile

teeth whitening and home remedies

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic improvements that people can make at a reasonable price. These remedies are a great for people whose teeth have yellowed over the years and they are now ready to make some self-improvements. If you are interested to get a whiter smile with some home remedies you have come to the right ...

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The Cost of Specific Emergency Dental Procedures

money emergency dentists

When you or anyone in your family encounters a routine or severe dental problem, the first thing that you may be wondering is how much it’s going to hurt you in the pocketbook. There are many factors that affect this, such as where you live, how serious your problem has become, and if you have more than one tooth affected. ...

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What is Burning Mouth Syndrome?

burning mouth syndrome

This condition has much about it that remains unknown, and is very hard to pinpoint the cause of. The areas that may be very uncomfortable are the tongue, gums, lips, inside of the cheeks, and the roof of the mouth. This is a severe burning, as if you have accidentally encountered flame, or boiling water on the tongue. The pain ...

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Seniors & Dental Care

As you age into your senior years, proper oral care becomes more important than ever. Practicing proper oral health and taking proper care of any dental devices, such as dentures or implants, and looking into dental insurance suited to you is crucial. The Importance of Proper Oral Health During Senior Years Oral health is important during any stage of life, ...

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Healthy, or More Sugar than you Bargained For: Flavored Water

flavored water statistics

In America and all around the globe, many have become obsessed with getting as many nutrients as possible, with as few servings on the intake side. Just as with stimulants such as Guarana, there are always many promised and claims made about effectiveness, but there are known side effects of anything promised to act like pure gold and promising to ...

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Crossbite: Solving the Problem of the Antagonist Tooth


Crossbite is a condition that is not as easily noticed by some as an overbite, but still poses to the patient a dental misalignment of the arches. What happens to cause it is that some teeth are either closer to the cheek or tongue then their corresponding tooth in the lower dental arch. This condition can involve a single tooth ...

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Bad Breath : The Predicament Many Find Themselves In

combat bad breath

Everyone has been in a situation where someone offers them a breath mint or stick of gum: sometimes after a spicy meal, snack of chips, or long day at the office. But what about the instances where you realize that the gum and mints are being offered up more often than ever, and nothing you do is working? There are ...

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TMD: Shedding Light on the Disorder of the Jaw


Some of the basics regarding TMD The Temporomandibular or (TM) joint is the main joint within the jaw. There are two jaws that work together in conjunction, one in front of each ear. The muscles that are in control of these joints are what governs the movement of the jaw to go up and down, side to side, and forward ...

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