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Healthy, or More Sugar than you Bargained For: Flavored Water

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In America and all around the globe, many have become obsessed with getting as many nutrients as possible, with as few servings on the intake side. Just as with stimulants such as Guarana, there are always many promised and claims made about effectiveness, but there are known side effects of anything promised to act like pure gold and promising to be the next best thing.

We all know that tap water has had many questions that have surfaced about its safety as well, and so many have opted to drink bottled water. There are numerous cities in North America that have added chlorine and fluoride to the water supply, and many of those without a filter are opting for bottled water.

The varieties of bottled water that are not laced with additives such as sugars have had a bit of controversy surrounding them, but many in developing nations and other surroundings are happy to oblige in them frequently. But what about flavored water? It looks pretty harmless, and so where does it really stand among dental experts?

statistics flavored water

During the year 2015, sales of flavored still water were up 17 percent, and flavored water accounts for 30 percent of all bottled water sales, period. So during every calendar year, there are around 312 million liters of water consumed by the masses.

Many bottles of this product emphasize the “spring water” content, and brandish pictures of very fresh and ripe looking fruit incorporated into the packaging.

The real issue at hand here is that some of these drinks are loaded with even more sugars than your typical soda. It is completely legal to claim that drinks have a fruit content when there really is not much of one, and artificial sweeteners have been pointed at as some of the greater health problems of the last two decades.

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One of the statistics that should be looked at closely when deciding about sugared water is taken directly from the World Health Organization’s daily recommended intake: more that 13.5 G sugar per portion exceeds this level, and can be hazardous to many parts of the body.

The teeth are just the beginning where this is concerned, and many of our organs do not always react positively to these extreme additives.

Many critics and dental health experts nationwide agree that around 33% of the bottled water purchased is actually tap water anyway, and that once you add some sugar and vitamins, the capability for a professional brander to have their way and advertise is paved easily.

Whenever you are looking to truly hydrate or get a healthy dose of water and are using products with additives, one of the things you really need to look at is over-indulgence of sugar and additives.

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One thing that should be looked at when looking at the effect that sugary waters have on the teeth and one’s health is the fact that many of these drinks contain low calorie sweeteners.
When you take a good look at some of the most prominent brands, the salt, dyes, and preservatives are the elements that may have you quickly taking a second look at what you’re ingesting.

What may appear to be a 50-calorie bottle can actually contain 2 ½ servings, and the general thought among many who know fitness is that you can become hydrated from water, but getting the sugar out is essential.

While grabbing an occasional bottle may seem ok, these are just some of the products that are in the “cautionary” realm: there are certain circumstances where the purest form of water could be the best option for your regimen.

Occasionally partaking in drinks like this is much like picking up a “Rockstar” or any other energy drink: the effects may not be all bad In the long run, but do load the user up with known toxins. We understand that great brands will always sway one into choosing them: we just take the initiative to urge general caution and deep research when choosing anything other than pure water itself for consumption and health.

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