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Finding an emergency dentist in Charlotte NC doesn’t have to be difficult at all. Our service provides a quick and easy way to reach a 24 hour dentist near you. Charlotte is the largest metropolitan area in the state of North Carolina, and the quantity and quality of Charlotte emergency dental offices in the city is unmatched anywhere else in the the Carolinas.

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I had a crown come lose while eating at the Capital Grille on a Thursday night, I couldn’t reach a dentist office directly so I called your number and was able to get in and see a dentist first thing the next morning! Thanks!

Dani S (Charlotte, NC)

There is a Charlotte emergency dental clinic for all areas of the city, so we are sure we can help you find the nearest 24 hour dentist Charlotte NC. We have below a listing of dentists who we have confirmed have after hours care and some of them are confirmed to be dentists who are open on Saturday or even Sunday. However, if you’re not able to reach the dentists directly in their offices, please call our hotline 24 hours a day 7 day s a week and we will be able to get you an appointment at the next available opening for an emergency dentist clinic Charlotte.

Finding a 24 Hour Dentist Charlotte

The countryside of North Carolina is absolutely beautiful and so it is not surprising that many take up residence in the lovely city of Charlotte. This southern town has a rich history and besides being a wonderful place to live, many people enjoy visiting. If you are in need of a Charlotte emergency dentist, know that dentists are just a phone call away. Many of these emergency dental clinics are set up to take care of your urgent dentistry needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Weekends can be full of promise and excitement until something goes wrong with your teeth. Given this area of your body is full of nerve endings, the pain and discomfort of dental complications can be stressful. Dental emergency Charlotte NC clinics exist for the reason that people are not always able to visit their regular dentist either due to the fact they are on travel or their painful dental ailment has occurred after hours or over the weekend.

Emergency Dental Charlott NC – Directory

I think one of the most practical things people should do is plan for crisis before it unfolds. To that end, I encourage you to bookmark this website and if you ever have a need to get urgent
dental care in Charlotte, over the weekend or late at night, you will have at your disposal a resource that can help direct you to where you can get help finding a Charlotte urgent care dentist.

Emergency Dentists USA Referral Service Charlotte

Phone Number: 1 (877) 507-0879
Address: Connected to Various Dental Offices across Charlotte
Doctors: Refer you to whichever DR is best for you.
Description: This is our referral service in which we help connect you to a Saturday dentist in Charlotte NC. There are various Charlotte emergency dental clinics for you to choose from on this site, but if you decide you don’t want to go down the row and call each one of them individually to see if there are any weekend dentists in Charlotte NC open to help you, you can call our hotline and we do all the work for you! Sunday dentists in Charlotte are available, just take a moment to call our 24/7 service and you’ll easily find a walkin dentist in Charlotte for your needs.

Southpark Dentistry

Phone Number: 704-365-6650
Address: 6725 Fairview Road, Charlotte, NC 28210
Website: www.southparkdentistry.com/
Doctors: Steven H. Jaynes DDS
Description: At Southpark Charlotte Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Southpark, we know what is important to your healthcare and strive to provide our patients with the best care, comfort and convenience. Our office is a people-oriented and family-friendly dental practice, so we look forward to knowing you as our friend. Contact us for your Charlotte urgent care dental needs. They are a high tech and caring company looking to solve whatever your emergency is with kind, gentle dentistry. If you suffer from dental anxiety, this office will take care of you like never before! A Great place to find emergency dental help with or without insurance.

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Charlotte Emergency Dental

Phone Number: 704-525-3939
Address: 4010 Park Road Charlotte, NC 28209
Website: http://www.charlotteemergencydental.com/
This clinic is open 7 days a week, and has extended hours Monday through Friday to make sure you can get in when the time is best for you. This caring, friendly and very understanding licensed after hours clinic can help you with everything ranging from cracked teeth and periodontal pain, to bleeding gums and beyond. They are located south of the Uptown Charlotte area and are always open to accepting new patients. Some important facts about this emergency dental clinic:

  1. Payment is due at time of service, (no payment plans) credit cards accepted but no personal checks
  2. They will accept North Carolina Medicaid, please bring medicare id, photo id and 3$ copay for patients over 21.
  3. They are not in network for any dental insurance companies however they will provide insurance claim files you can file
  4. Open M-F 8am to 8pm, Sat 9-3, Sun 12-6.

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Charlotte Dentistry: Armstrong and Eshelman, P.A.

Phone Number: 704-376-6470
Address: 201 Providence Road Charlotte, NC 28207
Website: http://www.charlottedentistry.com/dental-emergency-charlotte-nc/
This practice offers same day dental and emergency care from dentists who are skilled in providing immediate relief to patients in acute pain. Open six days a week and staffed by individuals who have the utmost in care for each patient, they understand how severe the need for emergency dental care is when pain strikes unannounced.

  1. Open M-F 8am to 5pm, Sat 8am to 1pm.
  2. Can get you in for a same day appointment
  3. New Patients Can Receive A free Oral-B Power Toothbrush, Ask when you arrive
  4. Works with CareCredit to help patients pay monthly

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Carmel Professional Dentistry

Phone Number: 704 542-3700
Address: 6400 Carmel Rd. Suite 104, Charlotte, NC 28226
Website: http://carmelprofessionaldentistry.com/emergency-dentistry/
This clinic is staffed by those who are anxious to help you with your emergency dental needs, and they urge you to come soon, as acting quickly will greatly improve your chances of a speedy recovery. Doctors Moore and Correll will happily be there to help if you encounter a situation that requires attention, and wish to be sent on your way pain and worry free.

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Carolinas Health Care Hospital

Phone Number: For Emergencies Call 911
Address: 1000 Blythe Blvd, Charlotte NC 28203
If you’re suffering from an emergency dental crisis that is creating a danger to your life you should immediately call 911. There are various hospitals with emergency rooms in Charlotte and the paramedics will take you to the nearest proper hospital to take care of you. Carolinas Health Care Hospital is just one of your options, please call 911 immediately if your health is in urgent danger.

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Dealing With Emergency Dental Problems

Find a 24 hour dentist in Charlotte NC.

If you’re looking for a 24 hour emergency dentist Charlotte NC, call our hotline today!

You may find yourself in the need of emergency dental care Charlotte NC for a variety of reasons, here are a few that our patients have commented about in Charlotte.

A recent patient in Charlotte had a lost filling. The dentist advised her cover the hole that was left by the filling with a small bit of sugar free gum. This is a common way to keep the exposure of the missing filling covered and lessen any pain that may be felt from air getting into the raw filling. You can also find dental cement at a pharmacy and use this to fill in the hole, but it will cost you a bit more money. After you’re able to cover up the missing cavity, it is best to find an office that offers emergency dental Charlotte NC and get the cavity refilled soon.

An Abscess is another dental emergency that we’ve received phone calls for in Charlotte. An abscess is an infection, most likely it is occurring near the root of the tooth, and sometimes it’s possible that it will happen between the teeth and the gums. Abscesses can be serious, it’s possible that they can cause erosion of the tissues and surrounding teeth in the mouth and they should be taken care of immediately. It’s important to see dentist as quickly as possible and we suggest using our hotline or calling one of the 24 hour dentist Charlotte NC, listed below.

Charlotte North Carolina is a beautiful city, please don’t let your after hours dentist emergency cause you to suffer when you’re there. Sometimes it can be difficult to find an emergency dentist in Charlotte NC at night or on the weekends, but we hope we’ve been able to help you find the best dentist for your needs. If you need to check the status of a dentist in Charlotte, please use the North Carolina Dental Board.

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