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Same Day Dentures Greensboro, North Carolina

same day dentures greensboro north carolina

For those with dentures, they are important aspect of their life. Proper upkeep and care is essential to both oral as well as overall health. With that in mind, it’s easy to see why when damage occurs to your dentures it’s important to get them fixed right away. Waiting to get your dentures repair is both uncomfortable, but can also cause additional damage to your gums and health. Fortunately, it’s easy to find same day dentures in Greensboro North Carolina.

While going without your dentures is certainly a question of comfort, it’s also a potential health issue. Without dentures, or with a damaged pair, your gums can become damaged. This can lead to gingivitis and other infections. It’s also difficult to chew food correctly without dentures, which can lead to a hose of digestion issues. Lastly, it’s just plain embarrassing to go out without dentures or with a damaged pair. There’s no need to suffer through this all with all the denture repair options in Greensboro North Carolina.

For those reasons it’s important to get your dentures repair as soon as possible. In many cases, getting them fixed the same day is the best option. Denture repair in Greensboro is fortunately easy to find, and get you back on track quickly.

Find Same Day Dentures in Greensboro North Carolina Fast

No matter what time of the day your dentures break there are options available to get your dentures fixed quickly. Many dental practices offer or are partnered with denture repair services, and can help you get to normal as quickly and smoothly as possible.

For after hours damages, there are also a variety of 24 hour emergency repair services available. These services provide the assistance you need to get your dentures repaired regardless of what time of day the damage occurs. You never have to go a day without your dentures!

How to Choose The Right Greensboro, North Carolina Emergency Dentist for your Same Day Dentures


When damage to your dentures occur it’s important to quickly find a dentist that can help get them fixed. There are likely multiple different practices that can help, so it’s important to to a bit of research to find the best fit. Not all practices will be available after hours, and some aren’t equipped for denture repair. Make sure to call ahead, especially in an after hours situation, to make sure that they will be able service you right away. It’s also important to understand their timeline for repairs as not all offer a same day turn around.

During this process make sure to ask which times of documents to bring. You’ll definitely need to bring your insurance and some form of identification, but different practices may have different requirements for these. Knowing what to bring ahead of time can help speed things up and prevent further delays.

You might also be able to bring any sort of medical documents. These can help speed things up as well. In any case, if it’s your first time at this particular office you’ll probably need to fill out some pre-screen forms. This includes info on your medical history, as well as information about allergies. Try to arrive about 10-15 minutes early to give yourself enough time to fill all the paperwork out.

You also want to keep in mind your payment options. Generally, any insurance will cover the majority of the repair, but you may be responsible for a deductible. You might also be responsible to pay a hold fee that will be returned to you once the insurance payment clears. This is up to the dentist, so make sure to call ahead to find out their process, as well as checking that they accept your insurance. The receptionist or other employee at the office should be able to answer any of these questions, as well as letting you know any other information you may need to know before arriving.

Same Day Denture Repair In Greensboro North Carolina

A key phrase to be on the lookout for is “same day denture repair”. Dentists that have this service are able to repair a damaged pair of dentures in under 24 hours which means you get them back as quickly as possible.

Dentists that offer this service generall having a partnership with a specialized denture repair service. A denture repair specialist has the tools and skill necessary to fix a pair of dentures. For all but the most minor damage they are likely going to be required as a typical dentist office will not have the necessary tools to perform the fix. They work hard to bring dentures back to working condition as quickly as they can.

While most damage can be fixed quickly, some extreme cases might take longer. Even if an office offers 24 hour repair, this is contingent on the damage, and if it’s too much it may take longer. Your dental provider will be able to help you understand the extent of the damage, and let you know if it will take longer to repair or if the dentures need to be replace all together.

How To Prevent Denture Damage

prevent denture damage

It’s important to realize that dentures are actually quite easy to break. They are made to fit comfortably in your mouth, and this need for comfort means they sacrifice a bit in durability. Even small drops and other carelessness can easily damage your dentures beyond usable condition.

Even minor damage can make dentures unusable. As they are built to fit snugly, small deviations in their structure can cause large variances in their usability. Improperly fitted dentures can lead to further damage to the dentures, gum damage, and infections of the mouth. This also means that small changes in your mouth can also make the dentures unaligned.

Keep dentures in working order starts with good care. The best way to stop damage is simply to regular inspect them. While cleaning, keep an eye out for any cracks, chips, and other forms of damage. Catching these issues early can help prevent further issues, and saves time and money when getting them fixed.

Other than regular inspections, always make sure to handle them with care. A pair of dentures is very delicate, so always treat them as such and they will last much longer.

Same Day Dentures in Greensboro North Carolina

A broken pair of dentures is no reason to panic. With the multitude of denture repair services in Greensboro North Carolina getting your dentures repair is easy and painless. Many services can even repair them in the same day, so you can get back to your life and stop worrying.

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