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Like a shot in the dark, the raging pain you can feel from a tooth that has to come out is not an experience anyone should have to go through.  Situations like these are perfect examples for why you might need to find a 24 hour dental clinic in Norfolk, Virginia! There is no doubt that you are antiquated with someone who has at one time experienced extreme tooth pain.  Perhaps you have had an up close and personal experience with having tooth ache problems yourself.  Let’s say you wake up Saturday morning and what you are feeling orally is close to unbearable.  What do you do when you are living on the edge of pain and all you can think about is finding a dentist open on Saturday in Norfolk?  Neither you or I can know the future and if we could, I am not so sure we would want that kind of foresight. 

But one thing both of us can benefit from is having a dental emergency plan we can put into effect if we need urgent assistance.  Finding a dental night clinic in Norfolk and locating one that is nearby should be an important part of your proactive plan.

After Hours Dentist in Norfolk, VA

It won’t take you long to see that one of best elements of any plan is having choices.  We have taken some time to evaluate some of the dental clinics in and around Norfolk, with a focus on those clinics who ark open weekends, Saturdays only, or better yet 24/7.   Sometimes what you  need is a dental office willing to see you after hours or on a walk in basis.  Whatever your need, the chances are pretty good that you will be able to find an emergency dentist in Norfolk that can accommodate you when you most need assistance.

Partners in Dental Health (3 locations)

Address 1: 317 Edwin Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23462
Phone Number 1: 757-499-2100
Address 2: 738 E. Bayview Blvd., Norfolk, VA 23503
Phone Number 2: 757-588-1563
Address 3: 7923 Halprin Drive, Norfolk,VA 23518
Phone Number 3: 757-587-0874
Description:  Three can be the charm and that is what you may have with any one of these three dental locations.  If identifying a weekend or walk in dentist in Norfolk is your aim, you are off to a good start.  With a week of antibiotics for a severe abscess tooth and waiting for relief, you may be growing weary of the current regiment your doctor has you on.  If that is the case and your dental health situation flares up, then consider a clinic with an oral surgeon with an outstanding track record.  This practice has stipulated they wish to work with your schedule and set up an appointment that can get you some closure on whatever urgent dental pain you may be experiencing.

Map Is Not Available

Martin Dentistry (2 Convenient Locations)

Address 1: YORKTOWN: 301 Village Ave, Suite E (across from Kiln Creek) Yorktown, Virginia 23693
Phone 1: 757.886.0300
Address 2: NORFOLK 110 Kingsley Lane, Suite 105 Norfolk, Virginia 23505
Phone 2: 757.489.1600
Description:  Among the dental emergency clinics in Norfolk, Va, you will find some that are offering 24 hour dental care and others willing to schedule you to come in on Saturday or Sunday.  Dr. Martin is committed to working quickly and most efficiently to identify what is causing your discomfort, ease your pain, and address the underlying dental issue.  The practicing dentist is from the Hampton Roads area, being born in Hampton and growing up in York County.   He obtained a BS in Biology from Virginia Tech and received his dental training at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, graduating with honors from the Medical College of Virginia School of Dentistry.  Dr. Martin started his practice in 1998.

Map Is Not Available

O’Keefe Family Dentistry

Address: 1232 West Little Creek Rd., Norfolk, Virginia, 23505
Phone Number: 757-440-7977
Emergency After Hours Number: (757) 620 1549
Description:  Offering patients in the Hampton Roads area since 1930 quality dental services, the O’Keefe Family Dental practice is determined to provide a 24 hour emergency dentist in Norfolk for those struggling with acute dental pain.  Contact the emergency after hours number provided above.  Dr. O’Keefe and his staff are quite capable of proving to you a wide range of dentistry services including urgent dentistry care for those that need help now.


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