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Periodontal Disease: How it’s Acquired and Methods of Battling It

periodontal disease feature

Men are more likely to show signs of periodontal disease than women, and it usually will not develop until their 30’s or 40’s. There are still some patients who may develop it in their 20’s,and those in their teens can still develop gingivitis, which is a milder form of the gum trouble that can lead to periodontal disease. While it ...

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Receding Gums: A Gradual And Common Dental Problem

gum recession

This is the process during which the margin of the gum tissue that surrounds the teeth begins to wear away, and the actual root of the tooth may become exposed. When this wear and tear occurs, gaps form between the teeth and gum line, and they make it easy for bacteria to build up over time. When the condition is ...

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Is High Alcohol Consumption Linked to Oral Cancer?

oral cancer

Oral cancer consists of cancerous tissue growth that stems from the oral cavity, and usually is prone to attacking areas such as the tongue, the floor of the mouth, gums, lips, roof of the mouth, and cheek lining. During the year 2013, oral cancer took 135,000 lives, and is characterized by skin lesions or lumps in these locations that don’t ...

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The Final Equation of Plaque Buildup: Dental Calculus

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What is Dental Calculus? Dental calculus is the buildup that occurs over long periods of time when plaque has been festering for too long in the mouth. This plaque truly forms in a large community, just like a suburb or bedroom city on a map near a large metro area. Plaque is the very sticky layer of film that accumulates ...

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Getting to the Source of the Grinding Condition: Bruxism

what is bruxism

What is Bruxism? Sleep Bruxism is clinically known as nocturnal teeth grinding, even though it may not always occur during the night hours. Around 10% of all adults grind their teeth at night, and it’s not just during sleep. The grinding of teeth can put a fair amount of pressure on the important muscles and tissues in the mouth, and ...

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The Facts about Wear and Tear: Dental Abrasion

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What is Dental Abrasion? Dental Abrasion is a type of damage that does the nasty business of wearing away the protective outer covering of the tooth. At times it can even affect deeper elements of the tooth, which is known to cause more pain to the patient. It is generally caused by something that is constantly rubbing or scraping against ...

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Diastema The Issue of the all too common gap

What is Diastema? Among the conditions that many people claim when they are asked what they don’t like about themselves, the gap between their teeth is a very telltale feature. Sometimes as a child it seems that it will appear more intensely in the future, and sometimes it is more noticeable during a young age. Many children experience diastema, and ...

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Dental Anxiety and Fears

dental anxiety

What is Dental Anxiety? What true dental anxiety entails is a bit more than rational fear of going to the dentist. Even if some people know that they are just going to be examined and not have to actually have a tooth pulled or anything painful, sometimes just the idea of being in the dentist’s chair is enough to completely ...

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Dental Fear of Needles

Not a condition that is simple or one that doesn’t cause problems, millions of Americans suffer from a fear of needles. The fear of pain or injections, along with the drawing of blood, can happen to those who have had to spend much of their life getting shots, or even those who have had very few shots. Fear of needles ...

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