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Emergency Dentist Fall River MA

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Imagine smiling while having no teeth. Horror, eh? Could we even smile without the sparkling pieces of diamonds we call teeth? That is the kind of disaster we could and definitely would much rather live without. We want smiles with white, sparkling, healthy teeth. Our teeth are precious and have allowed us to live lives where we can communicate without much effort, intake solid foods and give those million dollar smiles! So it goes without saying that taking care of our teeth is our duty; our teeth just like our health and they cannot be neglected. Health is wealth and healthy teeth are a huge part of this prized wealth.

Emergency Dentist Fall River MA

Of course, health never does last forever, nor do sparkling, healthy teeth. There are those emergencies that we face time and time again as well. The yellow teeth, bad gums, bad breath, fillings, tooth chippings, and a whole array of other needs tend to need tending to from time to time. For these moments and many more, we need to have 24-hour emergency dentists available near us.

Fall River After Hours Dentist Listings

Fall River is a city located in the eastern part of Massachusetts. Once famous for textile manufacturing, Fall River has retained much of its manufacturing charm. Educational facilities are also well noted and have led to numerous scholarships for students. With beautiful scenery, waterfalls, and beautiful sparkling waters all over, this city has retained its name for being one of the top cities to live in in Massachusetts.

Fall River Emergency Dentists USA Referral Service

Phone Number: 1 (855) 401-2701
Address: Referral Service to Various Dental Offices across Fall River MA
Doctors Multiple

Description: You can call 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to speak to an after hours dentist by using our emergency dentist Fall River hotline. Whether you are looking for a dentist that is open on the weekend, or even a walk in emergency dentist, we’ve definitely got you covered. Our partners maintain a relationship with scores of dentists all over the country.

Aspen Dental

Phone Number: (774) 322-2681
Address: 90 William S Canning Boulevard Fall River, MA 02721
Doctors: Dr. D. Schafft, DMD
Website: https://www.aspendental.com/dentist/fall-river-ma

Description:Aspen Dental shares one common objective: to give every single patient a healthy mouth. Trained and well skilled dentists who have trained at some of the most prestigious dental schools, provide their services at Aspen Dental. The extended knowledge and professional care afforded to patients by each of the dentists at Aspen has patients coming back over and over. Feel free to contact Aspen Dental at 774-322-2681 to set an appointment, get their address, or to make further inquiries.

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Dentistry With a Smile

Phone Number: 508-672-6471
Address: 920 Plymouth Ave, Fall River, MA 02721
Doctors: Dr. Shamoon
Website: http://dentistrywithasmile.com/

Description:Like the name states, Dentistry With a Smile operates with one main goal: to give each and every patient a smile to show off. From normal dental care to traumatic dental situations, Dentistry With a Smile offers all kinds of services. Feel free to contact Dentistry With a Smile at 508-672-6471 to set an appointment, get their address, or to make further inquiries.

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George Rodrigues Jr., D.D.S.

Phone Number: 508-672-8984
Address: 1395 Pleasant St, Fall River, MA 02723
Doctors: George Rodrigues Jr., D.D.S.
Website: www.georgerodriguesjrdds.com/
Description:Serving the community since 1980, George Rodrigues Jr. has been an integral part of the River Fall community for over 30 years now, providing its services with the utmost care and sincerity. From therapy and surgery to general screening, this 24-hour dental clinic has it all. A friendly and welcoming environment, George Rodrigues Jr. has earned itself a reputable name within the Fall River community. Feel free to contact George Rodrigues Jr. at 508-672-8984 to set an appointment, get their address, or to make further inquiries.

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Visit the Fall River Chamber of Commerce

24 hour dentist Fall River MA

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