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Family Dentist Near Me – Finding the Perfect Fit

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A lot of people endlessly search “family dentist near me” trying to find one that’s good for themselves and their family, but how effective can that really be? Finding a dentist that suits your needs isn’t like finding a restaurant online based on reviews. Finding a family dentist near you takes much more time and consideration than you’d think!

If you’re tired of searching for a decent family dentist to fit the bill, give us a call on our 24/7 dentist hotline. It’s free, easy to use, and will link you to the best family dentist in your area within minutes.

the importance of family dentistry

Your entire family has dental needs that are all important in their own ways. The teeth your children have differ greatly from the ones that you have, so having a family dentist is extremely important where a variety of needs are concerned.

Family dentistry is extremely important for a family to have. For one, a family dentist who treats an entire family will be able to predict certain oral health issues. This is typically done by analyzing the oral health of the parents and then predicting the outcome of their children’s oral health through genetics.

family dentistry

Because genetics have been linked to a number of oral health issues, such as gum disease and even tooth decay, for example, family dentistry plays a very important role in your current and future oral health.

Interestingly enough, genetics do play a role where oral health is concerned, but that doesn’t mean a child will have their parent’s perfect teeth. Genetics aside, proper oral health routines and overall care are extremely important no matter what age you are in life.

Family dentists are of high importance because entire families can go to one place to receive all the dental care that they need, without having to have different dentists who specialize in different things.

family dentists near me

Search engines are useful for a many number of things, but what about when you need to find a family dentist? While searching “best family dentist near me” may yield some results, they are not always “the best”.

If you’re looking for a family dentist in your area, or relatively close to your location, call us on our 24/7 dentist hotline. We offer fast, free, and immediate help for all your family dentistry needs.

emergency family dentists near me

Emergency dentists are never easy to find when you need them, especially where emergency family dentists are concerned. Once again, Googling “emergency family dentists near me” isn’t always practical or fast enough, especially when a crisis has come up.

Our 24/7 dentist hotline also offers immediate help in finding an emergency family dentist in your area or close enough to you that you’ll be able to find them as soon as possible.

FAQ About Family Dentistry

If you don’t see your question, or an answer to it, listed below in our FAQ section, feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll gladly help you out!

What is a Family Dentist?

A family dentist works with people of all ages. From the youngest to the oldest members of your family, a family dentist will take everybody on. They provide a wide range of services, such as regular cleanings, teeth whitening, root canals, and much more.

faq family dentist

Overall, family dentists specialize in making sure that all your family’s dental needs can be met in one place. Having one dentist for a whole family can really pay off in the long run, especially since your entire family is their patient.

What services do family dentists offer?

Other than checkups and general cleanings, family dentists offer a wide range of services including those listed below:

  • Tooth-coloured dental fillings
  • Tooth extractions
  • Tooth whitening
  • Root canals
  • Dentures
  • Dental bridges
  • Dental crowns
  • Wisdom tooth extraction

What is the difference between a general and a family dentist?

Though many assume that they are often the same type of dentistry, they are actually very different! Family dentistry, as you found out in the previous question above, cater to patients of all ages. They specialize in a wide range of dentistry that is not specific to any factors whatsoever.

General dentists, however, are more often than not the opposite of family dentists. The actual term, general dentistry, is usually defined as a dentist who specializes in specific areas rather than a number of them.

A prime example of a general dentist would be a pediatric dentist, who only specialize in patients between their infancy and adolescent years.

What is a cavity?

Cavities develop as a tooth starts to decay, which you can read more about below, are are small holes in the teeth. These holes will grow over time if they are left untreated, causing more serious problems, decay aside, which is why it’s crucial that you have them looked at and treated as soon as possible.

What causes tooth decay?

Tooth decay is generally caused by a combination of the sugars and the bacteria in your mouth from food and drinks. Plaque, a sticky substance that forms on your gums and teeth as a result of said sugar and bacteria, begins to harden and cause damage over time.

From there, the acids that are found in certain food and drinks cause a double whammy effect. They attack the enamel on your teeth and cause tooth decay over a period of time.

How often should I change my toothbrush?

Unfortunately, people don’t always change their toothbrush as often as they should. Dentists recommend that a toothbrush be changed, as a general rule of thumb, once every three months.

This is because the bristles of a toothbrush lose their effectiveness over this period of time. Bacteria then sets into the bristles and are actually rubbed all over your teeth, causing more damage than good.

What’s more, not changing your toothbrush every three months and allowing the bacteria set in can actually make you sick!

What are dental sealants?

Dental sealants are a plastic, thin coating painted onto the tooth’s chewing surface, typically the molars or the premolars. Dental sealants are used to help in preventing tooth decay through bonding into the grooves on the teeth.

They form a protective barrier over the enamel of the teeth and are able to be used on both children and adults alike. In fact, dental sealants are encouraged for those between the ages of six to fourteen, which are known as the cavity-prone years.

Best Family Dentists Near Me

Instead of endlessly typing “family dentist near me” into a search engine until the cows come home, simply call our 24/7 dentist hotline for immediate, free, and easy help in finding the best family dentist closest to you.

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