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When you experience sudden tooth pain, sometimes it can really put you in complete shock. You may have no other health issues, or have just dealt with an entire handful of other ones, and the last thing you want in the entire world is a toothache. When the hour strikes around 2 in the morning and all you need is rest, an emergency dentist in Rock Hill SC may be the absolute only clinic open in town that can provide diagnostic or help. Our portal can provide you the best opportunity to locate a clinic that is open on the weekend, because we know that this is the time when many people injure themselves or realize they cannot handle the pain any longer. Don’t let the pain ruin your weekend, and let our portal locate a very skilled professional for you!

Rock Hill is the fifth largest city in the state of South Carolina, and is just 25 miles away from the largest city of Charlotte. The landscape here take on many various forms, as it sits around 600 feet above sea level, but also is just an hour’s drive away from the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. These mountain ranges are much like the Smokies and Appalachian breeds: They are not of the highest octane there is with snow capped peaks and jutted rocky features, but they provide lots of character and are a great silhouette to enjoy with a fantastic sunset. This charming metro area is home to Winthrop University, Clinton Junior College, and the York Technical College. Every spring when the flowers are blooming and the winter is waning, you can check out great events like Come-See-Me, where more than 125,000 visitors descend on the city for the #1 South Carolina Festival as voted by Southern Living Magazine. Another fun filled escapade in December is ChristmasVille Rock hill, which year after year has been voted one of South Carolina’s most visited festivals or points of interest.

Emergency Dental Rock Hill SC

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In the event that you’re unable to contact one of the many dental professionals inside our urgent care dental clinic index, we provide you with a hotline which works as a referrer service for after hours dental practitioners in your area, in this situation, Rock Hill SC. This phone service is actually available 24/7, which means almost always there is an agent available to help connect you with a Rock Hill emergency dental clinic.

Emergency Dental Recommendations

When doctors email us to keep in touch about their weekly happenings, we in turn get a good idea of some of the most common dental emergencies are that they see. Broken and cracked teeth are very common sights in the late night dental world, and this is one scenario where you really want to call your dentist immediately! You can rinse your mouth with warm water, and very gently apply a cold compress outside the area that is injured. It may be a fall on the sidewalk, injury during sports like hockey, or accident on the stairs that causes a cracked tooth, and you need an expert to diagnose just how serious the problem will become.

Rock Hill Emergency Dentist Listings

The dentistry listings listed here are highly recommended by E-Dentists USA and each of these emergency dental offices possess some sort of after hours sessions or evening and weekend care, however, not all of them are 24 / 7. This directory is perfect for an individual to help find an urgent care dental office in your area, however if you wish to bypass the additional labor of calling each and every dental office, make use of the Round-the-clock emergency dental phone line we offer and be connected to an after hours dentist in seconds.

We offer a quick and easy remedy for anybody struggling with some of the scenarios in the above list. We have taken time to complete the researching for you through going over the emergency dentists in Rock Hill and pulling out those that we notice to make available weekend, night time or urgent care. A distinctive market place has evolved offering dental health treatment solutions to individuals in need of assistance.

“There is a tall tale that is told over and over by patients from every walk of life. The story has no basis in reality, but sounds very scary and dramatic. It goes something like this: “I went to the dentist to have my tooth pulled. The dentist had such a hard time that he put his knee on my chest to pull my tooth.”

But think about it – would that really work? It wouldn’t. Here’s why: in order to extract a tooth, the dentist must push the tooth back into the socket. The pressure causes the bone to expand slightly around the tooth allowing the tooth to be removed with almost no pulling force. Removing a tooth is all about using the correct instruments and the correct technique. It is not about brute force. This is why some 90-pound female dentists can remove teeth just as well as their male counterparts.”

Dr. David Hudnall

Referral Service of Emergency Dentists USA in Rock Hill SC

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Office Various Dental care Clinics in Rock Hill, We Recommend you!
Doctors Multiple
Summary Right now it’s time to telephone, we’re open 24-7, and you may talk to our emergency dentists Rock Hill SC voice service. Our own staff will help you while seeking to find the best dental office to provide for you in fixing your dentistry crisis. Whether you’re trying to find a week end dentist, or an after hours night time dentist in Rock Hill, we have you covered. Each of our partners keep a relationship together with thousands of dental offices throughout the United states of america.

Coombs & Ross Family Dentistry LLC

Number:(803) 324-5301
Office:1144-C India Hook Road • Rock Hill, SC • 29732
Doctors:Dr. Paul Coombs
Description: Coombs & Ross Family Dentistry LLC wants to serve you as well as take care of the dental emergency that you’re experiencing, make the most of their particular technologically advanced and comfy office environment!

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Friendly Dental of Rock Hill

Number:(803) 327-1500
Office:1417 Riverchase Blvd #104, Rock Hill, SC, 29732
Doctors:Dr. Gregory Abrams
Description: Friendly Dental of Rock Hill provides a higher level of customer happiness because of their after hours dental hrs, make sure you call ahead of time and you’ll be accepted as a brand new client.

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Shiland Dentistry

Number:(803) 328-8004
Office:2460 India Hook Rd., Ste. 207 | Rock Hill, SC 29732
Doctors:Dr. Mark Klopenstine
Description: Shiland Dentistry is seeking new clients and is more than willing to serve you, furthermore they offer some weekend and nighttime hours.

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Be Ready To See The Emergency Dentist

While we were coming up with ideas for our portal and ways to make it more useful and effective, we talked to patients who let us know how frustrated they were with listings that claimed they were open on weekends, but were being dishonest. Many dentists have sections of their websites that show how to deal with an emergency, but aren’t really true avenues to locate an emergency dentist in Rock Hill SC. It is a grave frustration of many when they are doubled over with tooth pain and can’t find a clinic that is open for them past usual business hours, and that is our number one reason for putting so much energy into our website: to see to it that you don’t suffer through another night of extreme discomfort.

Make sure to participate in some research of the dentist you’re planning on visiting, we recommend utilizing Rock Hill Chamber of Commerce Dentist Page.
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