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Special Needs Dental Clinics

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Just because someone is differently abled doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve the very best dental care available. It just means that you need to find a special needs dentist near you who can work with and accommodate such a patient. Today we’ll be teaching you all about how to find a dentist for disabled adults near you as well as what to expect when you make an appointment for a special needs dentist.

How can I find a special needs dentist near me?

How can I find a special needs dentist near me 1

In the United States, a special needs dentist must complete an extra three years of postgraduate schooling and then be certified by the American Board of Special Care Dentistry in order to provide special needs dentistry to disabled adults and children. So when you’re looking for emergency dental care, the words you want to about are “Diplomate ABSCD.” If a dentist or oral health therapist has this recognition, it means that they have undergone the training necessary to perform special needs dental work.

Most dental offices will have one or more staff members with this distinction, and they will usually list their qualifications on their website. Alternately, you could always let us put you in touch with one of the many qualified special needs dental professionals we work with.

All you have to do is call (888) 420-6826 today to have a free conversation with one of our highly trained referral specialists. You can speak with a caring agent who is always available to help you to choose the right dentist for your particular dental problem. He or she will provide driving directions to the dental office and even by set up that first appointment for you if you want.

Our dentist finder hotline is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week, making it a great choice for anyone suffering with a dental emergency and seeking a nearby special needs dentist. No more need to constantly Google “special needs dentist near me”!

“We know that finding a dentist with the right training can seem daunting. We can help ease the stress by putting you in touch with providers that meet the right criteria to serve special needs patients.”

Dr. Greg Grillo

Setting up an appointment with a special needs dentist

Setting up an appointment with a special needs dentist

Once you have chosen a special needs dentist and determined which services are important to you, it is time to set up that first appointment. You can call the dental office or let us do it for you by calling the number at the top of the page.

Remember to bring your dental insurance card and a photo ID with you when you visit your local special needs dentist. You will also need to bring any necessary dental insurance copayment with you to that dental visit. Try to arrive at least 10 to 15 minutes early so that you can ask your special needs dentist any questions that you might have, and also use this time to fill out that new patient paperwork.

If you don’t have any insurance, don’t worry. We partner with special needs dentists who offer reasonable payment plans with low to no interest so that you can pay off the cost over time. Having no insurance should never be used as an excuse to not go to the dentist, and neither should having special health care needs.

A special needs dentistry appointment will often take more time than a regular appointment, because dentists who work with disabled adults and children will often be a little more slow and careful in order to make sure the patient is as comfortable as possible.

A special needs dentist appointment may also be scheduled for an unusual time of day or day of the week in order to make sure that there are as few other patients present as possible. This also means that additional staff members can be on hand to assist the special needs patient if necessary. Furthermore, a special needs dentist may set up an additional “familiarity” appointment as described in the next section.

“Be sure to give the dental office you choose detailed information about the special needs condition. The insight can make a big difference in designing care that meets the best interest of the patient involved.”

Dr. Greg Grillo

What is special needs dentistry?

What is special needs dentistry_

Special needs dentistry is a specialized field of dental work that is designed to provide oral health care for patients who have additional concerns that might make it difficult for them to go to a general practitioner. Special needs dentists often work with those who have medical, developmental, sensory, cognitive, and/or physical disabilities. These can include but are certainly not limited to patients who have:

Among others. Not every special needs individual has to see a special needs dentist. For example, those with high functioning Autism may have no trouble taking a trip to a regular dental practitioner. But if you find going to a dentist’s office difficult or uncomfortable for any reason, a special needs dentist will be able to help you.

Special needs dentist procedures

Special needs dentist procedures

A special needs dental practitioner can do all the same things that a regular dentist does. Broadly, this includes assessment, diagnosis, treatment, management and preventative assistance for any area in the mouth or relating to the teeth. They can help you with tooth and gum pain, crooked teeth, cavities, fillings, braces, brackets, crowns, and more.

The difference, then, between a regular dentist and a special needs dentist is that the latter has been specially trained to work with patients who need extra care and attention in order to feel comfortable during these procedures.

For example: if a patient experiences sensory overload, a special needs dentist may schedule their appointment for a time when the office is less busy. The dentist may have a special operating room with softer lighting and fewer distractions. For a patient on the Autism spectrum who relies on familiarity, a special needs dentist may schedule an additional appointment beforehand in order to familiarize the patient with the equipment that will be used and walk them through the upcoming procedure to make it less frightening.

Dentists for disabled adults will also use special equipment as described in the next section, such as special chairs for the physically disabled or cleaning equipment that stimulates the gums more or less depending on the comfort of the individual.

In certain circumstances, a special needs dentist will give the patient a general anaesthetic during the dentistry procedure. This means that the patient can sleep through whatever dentistry is being performed in comfort and safety, without potentially causing harm to themselves or the dentist.

Special needs dentist equipment

Special needs dentist equipment

Dentists who work with disabled adults and children will often use equipment that is different from the equipment used by general dental practitioners. Here’s a few things you might see in the office of a special needs dentist.

Firstly, patients with ADHD and certain cognitive disabilities may find that physical stimulation puts them at ease. There are special electric toothbrushes that may be used as part of special needs dentistry to assist these patients by putting extra pressure on the teeth and gums in a way that feels pleasant, but not harmful.

Conversely, some patients suffer from sensory overload and need as little stimulation as possible during the tooth cleaning process in order to feel at ease. For these patients, a special needs dentist may use non-electric cleaning devices and materials.

Patients with cerebral palsy will have their head and neck securely stabilised, usually with specially-shaped pillows that the dentist will provide. This prevents such patients, who may have sudden uncontrolled movements, from hurting themselves and others during their oral treatment.

Finally, there are a number of special chairs that a dentist who works with disabled adults and children may purchase to facilitate patients who are in a wheelchair or have other mobility concerns.

Dentists For Disabled Adults And Children

No matter what special care you or your child may require, special needs dentists can work with you to provide the most comfortable and pleasant experience possible. Going to the dentist doesn’t need to cause you any stress at all!

If you’re looking for a special need dentist near you, don’t hesitate. Call our toll-free dentist finder hotline today and we’ll get you in touch with someone who’s able to work with your financial and medical needs. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so you never have to worry about finding emergency dentistry on short notice.

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