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One of my favorite places in the country to visit is Baltimore, Maryland.  It is within close proximity of many other popular cities and towns and it does not take too long to get out into the countryside if you enjoy such drives.  Once, while on business, I had a problem with a filling that came loose and wanted to get the dental issue attended to promptly before dinner that evening.  Being that is was a Saturday evening, I was uncertain as to whether there was an emergency dentist in the Baltimore, Maryland area that could help me.  As it turns out, if one is faced with an immediate and surprising dentistry condition, you will be able to get assistance from a number of Baltimore emergency dental clinics.  It is not always practical to wait for another day or night to get treatment, particularly if your condition requires surgical attention.  Perhaps it is a relatively minor thing, but pain can escalate and finding a Baltimore dentist office open on the weekend can really make things a lot better in your life.

Urgent Dental Care Clinics in Baltimore, Maryland

I would like to think that I have a plan for just about any kind of contingency.  But some things happen without warning and your dental care health is one such thing you don’t want to take too many chances with given the way pain can quickly get out of control.   So if you are looking for assistance in a dental matter and you find yourself far from home, then rest assured that there are dental emergency clinics and services in Baltimore.

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Angel Dental Care

Phone Number: (410) 747-0077
Address: 405 Frederick Road #150, Catonsville, MD
Doctors: Dr. Warshanna

With over 25 years experience, Dr. Warshanna has become Annapolis MD’s premier dentist providing assistance with tooth whitening, veneers, emergency dentistry and more. Angel Dental Care has also recently opened up a new location in Catonsville, MD.

Mercy Medical Center

Phone Number: 410-332-9000
Address: 345 St. Paul Place, Baltimore, MD 21202
Doctors: Dr. Anita Bhushan
Description: General dentistry clinic offering emergency dental services.

Dental One Associates

Phone Number: 410-668-5151
Address: , 7650 Belair Rd. Baltimore, MD 21236
Doctors: Herbert Livingston, DDS
Description: Dentistry clinic providing the best general dental care for you and your whole family. Including assistance for your emergencies.

Govans Dental Center

Phone Number: (410) 433-0092
Address: 4805 York Road, Baltimore, Maryland 21212
Doctors: Darrin C. Davis DDS
Description: Baltimore dentist that provides diabetic dental care, implants, help for bad breath, bleeding gums, insurance, tooth aches and emergency dentistry services in the Baltimore Maryland area.

Catonsville Family Dentistry

Phone Number: 410-747-0341
Address: 4 West Rolling Crossroads Suite 5, Catonsville, MD 21228
Doctors: Vijay Mathura DDS
Description: Catonsville dentist providing help with general dentistry services such as veneers, gum disease, dentures, tooth whitening, implants, cosmetic and emergency health care to its patients. A top-notch dentist and clinic ready to serve the entire family.


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