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We heard from one of our visitors who was traveling through Texas on their way to El Paso which is located in the far western end of Texas.  He was traveling along I-10 enjoying the views along the vast desert and mountain country when suddenly he began having a pulsating series of pain coming from the back of his mouth.  He said that he had gotten some dental work done and figured it was just a by product of that work.  But later it grew worse and as he arrived at his destination, he wondered if El Paso had any emergency dental clinics that could help him over the weekend.  This is often a complicating issue for individuals when they discover that they are suffering from some dental problem.  Fortunately there are several emergency dentists in El Paso, Texas and so essentially the decision at that stage is to select where you wish to go.

Urgent Dental Care Clinics in El Paso, Texas

Ultimately, the story ended on a happy note.  Knowing that there are quality dental clinics that can service your needs 24/7 makes a huge difference.  Pain can be a real attitude shaper and if you believe there is not relief in sight, the level of pain can feel even worse.  But that is not the case in many cities across the country and if you find yourself at the end of an ache that won’t go away, help could be just a phone call away.

24 hour dentists El Paso TX

Star City Dental

Phone Number: 915-591-7117
Address: 1806 McRae Blvd,El Paso, TX 79925
Website: www.starcitydental.net
Doctors: Dr. Juan M. Gonzalez
Description: General family dentistry clinic offering help for your urgent dental health care needs. Available to the entire family when you need a professional dentist for healthy teeth.

Frank Feuille V, DDS, MS, PA

Phone Number: 915-845-7979
Address: 6901 Helen of Troy Building A El Paso, Texas 79911
Website: www.drfeuille.net
Doctors: Dr. Frank Feuille V
Description: A respected general dentistry clinic located in El Paso Texas. Provide quality dental care services and assistance for your emergencies.

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El Paso Smiles Center, PLLC

Phone Number:  915-533-3435
Address: 615 E. Schuster Avenue, Suite 5, El Paso, TX 79902
Website: www.elpasosmilescenterpllc.com
Doctors: Y. Ivette Munoz, DDS
Description: A well-designed dental practice with comfort and relaxation in mind. The comfortable atmosphere is complemented by their caring, friendly staff and modern technology. Provider of emergency dental care for the whole family.

Affiliated Dental Care

Phone Number: (915) 581-1300
Address: 840 East Redd Road Building 1C El Paso, TX 79912
Website: www.affiliateddentalcare.com
Doctors: Dr. Neal Gronich
Description: Service El Paso Texas since 1979, so we understand how important good dental hygiene and oral care are, and we’re dedicated to providing you the best care while offering a pleasant and fun environment to our patients. A cosmetic and general dentistry clinic offering available for your dental emergencies.

emergency dentist el paso tx

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