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Where do Experts Stand With the #1 Summer Treat? Ice Cream and Teeth

Ice cream & Teeth

Ice cream has long been a pastime when it comes to dessert. It’s not just the traditional topping for things like apple pie: summertime sherbet, mint chip, and all of the delightfully cocoa-induced flavors that go with coffee are always somehow beckoning us to sample them. There’s nothing quite like walking down the serving aisle of an excellent ice cream joint and picking your flavor, then picking the best toppings to complement your chosen scoops.

Always thought of as loaded with sugar and definitely not one of the better things for you, we all remember when yogurt places began around the mid 90’s, to take some of the guilt out of the pleasure. But, you could still load the sweet stuff up on top of sugar cones, get away with your daily (or weekly) dose, and many were still in the dark about exactly what they were doing to their teeth.

good news ice cream and teeth

If you can pair up your ice cream intake with other staples of dairy like cheese and kefir, it can act as a very healthy supplement. Being undernourished can make the task of providing high-quality tooth healing tricky, and some studies have even claimed that having a digestible source of fat soluble vitamins to increase metabolism can help heal cavities, which 90% of people in the United States have.

When it is in its most natural state, cultured milk has roots that trace back to even before 1800 B.C. The presence of calcium is one of the best health attributes of ice cream, as well as vitamin B6 and B12. If you can make the choice to partake in frozen yogurt, scientists analyzed the diets of a few thousand children in Japan of 3 years old. The children who ate yogurt frequently reduced their chances of having decay to the teeth by over 20 percent, and this is directly linked to lowered levels of bacterium.

extras ice cream and teeth

Caramel and chocolate sauce as well as M&M’s are just a few of the toppings that many pick for ice cream and yogurt, as well as Heath bars, almonds, and other delicious and sweet treats. Since ice cream is already chock full of sugar, avoiding the many toppings that are now available can be a help to you when you are trying to protect and enrich your dental health.

We all loved those amazing sauces that turned firm when they first hit the market, as well as the delicious strawberry and butterscotch sauces you can crown your prized dish with. If you find it hard to stick to yogurt, it is definitely best to not add toppings to your ice cream, and do just a plain flavor serving. After awhile, you won’t even notice, and it will still be a very special treat for you in your routine.

tooth pulled ice cream and teeth

It may be wisdom teeth coming in incorrectly, or a tooth that has become too infected for the patient to keep: an extraction can become a reality for many who are looking at overcrowding in their mouth, or getting rid of a threatening problem. Once the process is through, eating ice cream can help with the healing, and reduce the amount of swelling that has occurred. Just as patients are offered this treat after their tonsils are removed, ice cream for post-extraction surgery is often recommended.

Since the mouth is host to over 600 types of bacteria, it is always beneficial to have a mix as far as good and bad varieties are concerned. As far as most are concerned when it comes to staying healthy, Ice cream is incredibly rich in sugars, and daily eating could pose a threat, especially when combined with heightened tobacco use and drinking of alcohol.

Teeth and bones love calcium, and some dentists will recommend that you only get this valuable resource from items such as milk and vitamin supplements. Ice cream can remain a good option for you to strengthen teeth, but should not be overeaten because of its potential to harm enamel with sugars. The sweet treat of ice cream should not be thought of as an instant cure for deficiency, and the best way to abide by the rules is to not top it off too heavily: the favored dessert can take a bit of a toll on the health of your entire mouth.