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When the pain of a very infected tooth makes its presence known to you during a very late night hour, you may wish that you could reach an emergency dentist in Kenner LA quicker than ever before. Natural remedies may help you ward off the pain for just awhile, but in the end, an expert’s opinion is what you are going to need to stabilize your dental health and get out of pain. Without sophisticated diagnostics and an eye that has years of experience, you really are not going to be able to get to the bottom of what’s bothering you, and why. When other dentists are gone for the night leaving you hanging, we’ve got you covered.
Kenner is the sixth largest city in Louisiana, a city who’s growth really skyrocketed when the swamp area in the northern half of the city was re developed, and it was during the 1960s that it truly became a suburb of the bustling New Orleans Metro area. New Orleans’ International Airport is here, as well as the Treasure Chest Casino. This entertainment complex is full of slot machine fun, pick the pro football entertainment, and tons of live bands. The Pontchartrain center is the second largest convention center in the New Orleans area, and the Chataeu Gold and Country Club is a prime location for getting your time on the greens and fairways scheduled. The historic district of Rivertown is located right along the main street of Old Kenner, and has museums, shops, and cultural attractions for the whole family to see. There is also the spacious Laketown park, where Williams Boulevard hits Lake Pontchartrain. There are excellent biking paths here for you to clear your head on, fishing, and a marina to set sail from for the evening or weekend.

Emergency Dental Kenner LA

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If you are unable to access one of the dental practices in our urgent care dental clinic listing, we provide a hotline that acts as a referrer service for after hours dental professionals near you, in this case, Kenner LA. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week you’ll be able to reach the providers at our after hours dental hotline, simply just call and get put in contact with a Kenner after hours dental clinic.

Emergency Dental Recommendations

Callers that need to find relief are usually seeking us out for many different reasons, and so we asked those who are staffing the lines and the after hours offices which dental needs are most common. If you suspect that you have injury to your jaw, you can use a cold compress to bring you some relief, but you will want to immediately locate the late night clinic, because you may have multiple teeth that have been affected by the blunt trauma. There are numerous ways in which you can have this happen, and it’s not just fights or acts of violence that will bring it upon you. You can slip on the ice, have a jogging accident, or even lose your footing on the stairs in your own home.

Kenner List of Emergency Dentists

These kinds of dental offices happen to be checked out by Emergency Dentists USA and may provide you with urgent dental care; often they’re available for twenty-four hr dentist attention as well. Remember to check out all of our entries, and if you are not able to get through to the dental professional in question, please do not think twice to call our after hours dental telephone service!

E-Dentists USA provides a remedy for that which was previously a challenging, time-consuming matter. We have taken the time to complete the researching on your behalf by reviewing the emergency dentists in Kenner and taking out those that we understand to provide after hours, weekend or evening care. A niche market place has evolved offering dental health treatment solutions to people in need.

Referral Service of Emergency Dentists USA in Kenner LA

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Directions Different Dental Clinics in Kenner, We Recommend you!
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Services Right now is the time to call, we are open 24 hours, and you will speak with our own emergency dentists Kenner LA telephone service. We can help you find a dental professional with regard to what ever your current dentistry emergency may be. It could be a night dental practice, a weekend dentist, or a dentist office at any time, we’re the Kenner emergency dental care clinic referrer you want to work with! The relationships we’ve designed permit us to become linked to hundreds of after hours dental practices in the usa.


Number:(504) 469-6333
Office:1305 W. Esplanade Ave, Kenner, LA 70065
Doctors: Dr. Darrell Bourg
Description: EXCEPTIONAL DENTAL would like to assist you and take care of the dental care emergency that you are having, make the most of their particular technically superior and comfy office environment! Their personnel provide expertise for root canals, dental crowns, and tooth extractions.

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Number:(504) 461-0500
Office:283 W. Esplanade Ave.Kenner, LA, 70065
Doctors:Dr. James D. Roethele
Description: ROETHELE DENTAL ESTHETICS is really a professional dental practitioner that delivers emergency oral services and is always ready to accept fresh patients.

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Number:(504) 0904-0144
Office:2526 Williams Blvd, Kenner, LA 70062
Doctors:Dr. Stephanie Freudenthal
Description: JUST KIDS DENTAL wants to help you being a brand new client, they’re ready to have your personal appointment created in their week end working hours, or urgent care night time dentistry consultation scheduling times.

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Prepare For Your Emergency Dental Visit

Our portal makes a daily duty of providing patients with listings to find a qualified emergency dentist in Kenner LA and beyond: we understand that as soon as you are grappling with dental pain that seems unbearable, you may feel as if you will never embrace a good night’s sleep again. No one wants to stare up at the alarm clock every hour in misery, and desperately wonder when they will start to feel well again. Once you have a true Saturday or Sunday dentist in Kenner LA in your schedule book, you will become much more confident that you will be able to put out the intense fire of harsh dental pain, even when it happens at the least convenient of hours. Don’t let a late night dose of pain keep you from doing what you love to do most, and see where your local practitioners are today! Hopefully this was a successful attempt to find an emergency dentist in Kenner, LA and that we were able to aid! Make sure you always check out just about any dental professional you’ve never ever visited before simply by looking them up with this Jefferson Chamber of Commerce page.
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